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Ally Brooke Was Dropped From Atlantic Records, But Fear Not She Signed With a New Label!

It's been months since this OP has checked in on ONTD Fave Ally Brooke.

Unfortunately, Ms. Brooke was dropped from her record label (Atlantic Records) last year.

I was with Atlantic Records before, but that ended, gosh, I think in October of 2020. So I was kind of lost in a way, and I was just really praying for an answer, a new situation. And again, love Atlantic like love to them, but it was a blessing in disguise that it ended and it‘s kind of unheard-of because usually, you’re stuck with a label for many, many, many years. And that was incredible because as an artist, I wanted more and I wanted more freedom and I wanted a different direction and I wanted to be involved in my music and I wanted an album and I wanted to create my first album and to be more in the Spanish world, record more Spanish music and long story short Suzette [Selena Quintanilla's sister] introduced me to Sim and I signed with Sim. Sim introduced me to Eric and Duars entertainment.

But now with a new record deal, a new single ("Mi Musica") and a debut Spanish album (TBA) on the way, nothing is stopping Ally!


You can't keep talent down and out. She hath risen.

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