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Bryan Adams tests positive for Covid, pulls out of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

So back in May 2020, Canadian musician Bryan Adams pitched a fit over the Coronavirus, for which he then issued a fauxpology. Well, in "the universe has come back to bite you in the ass" news, he tested positive for Covid over the weekend and had to pull out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, where he was scheduled to take part in a tribute to Tina Turner, performing the song they did together back in the 80s with H.E.R. singing Tina's part.

He was replaced in the tribute by Keith Urban, who only had three runthroughs of the song before having to perform it. All things considered, it went pretty well. (Sorry, embedding was disabled by YT on the HOF video.)

Anyway, Congratulations to Tina!

I have to admit I laughed out loud when I heard about this; itswhatshedeserves.gif tbh! The most surprising thing is that he's fully vaxxed per the Variety article, which considering how bent out of shape he was last year, I did not expect at all.

Sources: ONTD posts 1 & 2, Variety tweet, It's Only Love official video, R&RHOF fan video
Tags: covid-19, keith urban, music / musician

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