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Academy award nominated actress Juliette Lewis calls out brutal working conditions in the industry


Juliette Lewis, 48, posted a message to her fellow actors on instagram. She wants them to talk about the working conditions that have been normalized on sets, such as 17 hour work days six days a week. She says if it’s bad for actors she can’t imagine what it’s like for the crew that shows up hours before and leaves hours after the actors. She says she has been conditioned to work through illness because otherwise you’re labeled “problematic” and told you’re costing the studio tens of thousands of dollars. She urges her fellow actors to stand up for crew.

So far actresses Florence Pugh, Emma Roberts, and Kristin Bell have all reposted Juliette’s post to their instagram, and I’m sure many more will follow.

This is in response to a possible strike for up to 60,000 film and television workers.

Ontd, are you allowed to take sick leave at your job?
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