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Daniel Craig likes going to gay bars

The 53 year old actor has been married to actress Rachel Weisz since 2011, but he says he has been going to gay bars for as long as he can remember.

One, because he gets in less fights. He says everybody is chill at gay bars and there’s none of the aggressive heterosexual dick swinging he finds at straight bars. (I think he is just talking about toxic masculinity.)

Two, before he was married he says it was a good place to pick up women. He says he would go to those bars for ulterior motives and so would straight women. He says it was a very safe place to be.


I think this came out at an interesting time because I’ve recently seen a lot of discourse about straight women and men flooding gay bars/clubs and making the queer folk at those gay spaces feel unsafe, when the whole point is it’s supposed to be a safe space for queer people. The rebuttal I’ve seen from certain straight women is that they too deserve a space to feel safe.

ONTD, how do you feel about this?
Tags: daniel craig, lgbtq / rights

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I'd suck his dick. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

if you could find it...
i would like to try.


October 14 2021, 18:15:36 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 14 2021, 18:16:05 UTC

"I need a safe space so I'm going to take yours" is... no. Cishet men make it near impossible to have women only spaces, but invading gay spaces and making them less safe for the people they're intended for isn't the answer.

Which isn't to say I think no straights should ever step foot in a gay bar, but only go if you're with an LGBTQ+ group and you can deal with being assumed to be gay yourself without being a homophobic asshole about it. Like, you're an invited guest here and it's a privilege not a right
Annoying straight girls obsessed with drag race are to blame and straight guys will follow wherever girls go
So he and Rachel are bearding for each other right


October 14 2021, 21:25:37 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 14 2021, 21:27:02 UTC

These conversations are weird for me because while I get in theory the idea of the gay club as a safer space for us, I feel like the idea that straight people shouldn't be there, while again understandable, is just not feasible or enforceable in most cases anyway, to say nothing of the fact that it's not as if gay bars and clubs don't come with their own problems that make those spaces potentially unsafe for even gay people. Like actually going to gay bars on even a semi-regular basis disillusions you to them pretty quickly.

So much so that when people wax poetic about the safe space that is the gay bar I have to wonder if they've ever actually been to one more than once in a blue moon and also if they're white.
Same, im not a straight woman but i still dont see a gay bar as a safe space bc theyre.. not? A lot of the same things im trying to avoid at the "straight" bar, you tend to run into in a different flavour at the gay bar. So much so that a lot of this discourse gives me GBF vibes bc it just doesnt seem real to me.
100% I'm late af to this post but a lot of the comments had me going ???
I'm bisexual and straight passing, I've been sexually harassed and groped at both straight bars and LGBT+ bars by straight men, LGBT+ men, LGBT+ women etc and that was both when I disclosed that I was in a relationship and when I didn't mention it but very clearly was just out dancing with friends. I definitely get harassed more frequently by men so gender is clearly a factor but LGBT+ bars in my experience aren't like an oasis free from sexism and internalized misogyny. If people in general could keep their hands to themselves I think I'd go out to bars a lot more. Maybe I need to go to one of those bars that has people wear stickers to say taken/single/in an open relationship IDK.
yeah i'd say any dark space with booze can be trouble for anyone
i'm lesbian and have had terrible experiences at het clubs, but the only gay club i went to was largely gay men and that was also just an awful experience. me and the other lesbian friend just ended up babysitting our gay male friends zzz. unfortunately there are no lesbian clubs around either, so i simply dont go clubbing anymore. men disrespect us everywhere anyways.
Can straight people just like... fuck off.


October 14 2021, 22:23:59 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 14 2021, 22:25:02 UTC

Remember when he went on vacay with Andy Cohen? I kind of wonder if he's into men and this story is a weird cover for being bi.

I'm a lesbian and I wish straights would just give us some space to ourselves sometimes. Half the time there are soooo many straight women up in the gay bar/club. I get it that you need/want a safe space too and it can be fun and freeing but we also want a space to hit on women who actually want to date women.


October 14 2021, 23:40:08 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 14 2021, 23:40:29 UTC

Andy's vacationing alone with straight men.

it's weird.
How about straight women and straight men gtfo our bars ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tip the dolls on your way out.
People looking for the opposite sex can go to hell can do that anywhere so exclusionary gay spaces would be lit. A gay speakeasy or something.

And fucking love hearing about the evil women's spaces invading evil gaymos that invade womens spaces and are evil. My friend who got sexually assualted by het women in a gay bar? Evil gay man. Drag queens getting harassed by bacherette parties? Evil space invaders.
Way to completely misrepresent what was actually said. You’re definitely in the right when you have to do that! It’s not like many gay men do actually act like “one of the girls”, but then turn into misogynistic pricks when it suits. Let’s bring up unrelated stories, in order to distract from the valid point of gay male misogyny!

And the irony of you bringing up drag queens, while acting like gay men never invade female spaces lmao.
Oh and you’re transphobic too. Forgot to mention that bit.
I actually am ambivalent about it because lbr, there's a non-zero number of "straight" people who found themselves because they weren't in heteronormative spaces, but it's very clear that a significant number of straight people make things weird or dangerous. i think if a club is pretty good about having community rules, that'd be better for everyone.
If they embrace the culture of that bar and they're comfortable with the dynamic, whatever that may be, then you're more than welcome. You're still not a part of the community, though.

The one thing I think nearly every lgbt individual deals with routinely is that straight friends are comfortable with your sexuality until they're not. And we shouldn't have to police our sexuality so other people feel comfortable.
The sexism from the misogynistic gay men on here is unbelievable and (shockingly) going by unchecked. I’ve seen one attack women, while defending a male rapist, but women in gay bars is what really gets him pissed off.

Women will always be at the bottom of the pile here.
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