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Daniel Craig likes going to gay bars

The 53 year old actor has been married to actress Rachel Weisz since 2011, but he says he has been going to gay bars for as long as he can remember.

One, because he gets in less fights. He says everybody is chill at gay bars and there’s none of the aggressive heterosexual dick swinging he finds at straight bars. (I think he is just talking about toxic masculinity.)

Two, before he was married he says it was a good place to pick up women. He says he would go to those bars for ulterior motives and so would straight women. He says it was a very safe place to be.


I think this came out at an interesting time because I’ve recently seen a lot of discourse about straight women and men flooding gay bars/clubs and making the queer folk at those gay spaces feel unsafe, when the whole point is it’s supposed to be a safe space for queer people. The rebuttal I’ve seen from certain straight women is that they too deserve a space to feel safe.

ONTD, how do you feel about this?
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I wish women could create their own safe spaces without it ending up messy somehow bc of TERFs and men.
Its weird to go to gay bars to hit on women though. It's essentially saying "I'm not a threat. I am comfortable with gay men and secure in myself" to literally get laid without the same competition in a space where people have lowered their guards. Why even say this? Did he get caught going to one and got ahead of it or is this queerbaiting?

It reminds me of Jamie Dornan bragging in an interview about stalking that woman "to get into the mind of [his] character" for 'The Fall'. Which is illegal and even if he though he was so sneaky there's every chance she knew someone was doing that to her and was terrified. The disconnect between what he thought was a cool thing to talk about and how creepy it actually was, was similarly jarring.

I would absolutely hang out at a bar that's just for women but I don't go to gay bars. They're not for us and that's fine, I respect that.
Last time I went with a couple of straight friends to a gay bar, one of them stayed flattered at this guy who would not go away until I told him, “this isn’t a straight bar, go somewhere else.” There were SO many straight people there, more than I’d ever seen in still a really overall homophobic region. I tried to be positive about it but someone threw a dozen eggs at the people outside. They only saw the one egg that almost hit my friends and decided it was SO funny. I was in trauma mode cause I remember all the attacks since I was 18 at previous club until finally a gay owner told them to stop laughing cause it’s been going on for 12 years. I think taking other people’s marginalized spaces is not the answer to a broader security problem. I think we need to support the creation of clubs that are inclusive on all fronts and have strong anti-harassment policies. There’s a clear market and desire for that kind of widespread change.


October 14 2021, 15:37:22 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 14 2021, 15:39:20 UTC

I think times are a lot different than when I clubhopped in the 90s; for one, straight people like myself often went to gay clubs with our gay friends. The neighborhood where most of the clubs/bars were was Alternative, which meant the clubs got an ecletic mix of people of all types, even in the gay bars. Bachorette parties at gay clubs were a thing that didn't happen. We also knew how to act and weren't taking pictures of people, yelling, being insulted someone of the same sex hit on you, etc. There is just so much shitty behavior that is acceptable at clubs both straight and gay that TBH I prefer 30+ bars for this reason.
I have a very similar experience to yours, except more in the 2000s. Bachelorette parties at gay clubs weren't that common yet, and the straights at the club weren't disrespectful. The places I went to played a lot of indie music so it attracted alt kids. Sometimes you got mistakenly hit on, but generally everyone was civil about it. I'd always just smile and say, "Ah sorry, I'm straight" and we'd carry on. My gay friends always invited me so of course I went, especially if we were celebrating a special occasion. Lol maybe we're old because it sounds like clubs have become way more angry.
They have. Growing up, there were bars and "lounges" in my area that had signs that they only accepted people 30+. I completely understand it now because sometimes you just want to chill and dance and drink without a lot of bad behavior going on around you and it doesn't matter if it's a gay or straight bar; the joints catering to an older crowd aren't going to have a lot of that bullshit going on. In my city there's two gay areas; one for the younger, more excitable club crowd and the other for the older gays and lesbians who maybe have families and when they go out don't want to deal with bullshit.

I do have to admit I think we had a lot more tolerance for bullshit in general because at the straight clubs back in the day there were a lot of:

- Fights
- Girl fights (that shit was vicious, lol)
- People not being able to handle their liquor
- Guys not getting a hint and harassing you until you jumped clubs
- People in the bathroom crying

It was crazy back then, but these days there's this extra layer of disrespect that social media has inflicted on us to invade people's privacy.


1 week ago

I don’t mind when straight women go to gay bars although I recently saw what was basically the Real Housewives of Seattle at a VERY grungy and hyper-sexual gay bar and they looked soooo out of place I was cracking the fuck up
I have always been confused by straight people who go to gay bars. Fix your culture and go to straight bars and leave the gays alone.
Idk as long as whoever is going to them are respectful and want to avoid toxicity, I would still feel safe. everyone needs to relax
I get it, Dan. I'm straight, but usually the gay bars and clubs do have the best music and fun atmosphere. It sounds like he mainly went for the chill vibes, and the possibility of picking a straight woman was just an added bonus. When I was single, I was there 99% for having fun with my friends, but I'd be a liar if I said my lizard brain didn't have a 1% thought of maybe meeting someone cute. I highly doubt he was lecherously perched in the shadows with a giant butterfly net waiting to catch unsuspecting women to stuff into the boot of his car like a lot of people are assuming. It's usually not as black and white as that. Idk, I'm thinking positively because there seems to be so much negative thinking where every outcome is by default the worst possible one.
Speaking of safe spaces for women, can someone open a Bravo themed bar already? Like a sports bar but every tv has a different bravo show and popular cocktails from all the bravo shows. I want to get drunk and scream at the tv with a group of ladies.
this sounds like a great business idea lmao
it is actually so funny to see so many ppl here go "let straight women open their own spaces" as if they haven't tried for idk a hundred years and straight men constantly invade and destroy them

and its not like queer women have any more luck - most lesbian bars are closing

there is literally no safe space for cis or trans women of any sexuality
I mean yes but lesbians don't want to hit on straight women at bars/clubs that are queer spaces and honestly we shouldn't have them invaded by the straight crowd just because men suck.
oh don't get me wrong, i don't think that's right either! i just think we can recognize that women don't have a lot of safe spaces in the world at the same time understanding that lgbt+ deserve their own spaces. like two things can be true at once.
idk how i feel about this? but i don't go to gay bars p much bc the most well known gay bar in my area is also the most well known bar to get your phone stolen at
I don't mind it but sometimes gay bars get so busy you get sent off or they start charging ridiculous entry fees. And when I'm with a guy I don't feel safe in non gay bars so this is abit of an issue.
On the topic, but what are people's ideas on trans people in gay or lesbian bars? I always thought that it was an obviously okay thing (them being some of the most vulnerable members of the community thing) but I got into it with some folks on TikTok so now I'm wondering if I was arguing with TERFs or if I'm being an old stubborn person who doesn't know what's going on.
You are absolutely arguing with TERFs. Trans people are absolutely welcome and anyone who says otherwise needs to understand the HISTORY of the LGBT movement and who tf our pioneers were (Black Trans women).
That was def my gut instinct! This particular convo was about straight trans men in lesbian bars and people were very much against having them there and feeling unsafe with them around, which was so hugely disappointing.
also, Daniel Craig is a walking red flag
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