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Daniel Craig likes going to gay bars

The 53 year old actor has been married to actress Rachel Weisz since 2011, but he says he has been going to gay bars for as long as he can remember.

One, because he gets in less fights. He says everybody is chill at gay bars and there’s none of the aggressive heterosexual dick swinging he finds at straight bars. (I think he is just talking about toxic masculinity.)

Two, before he was married he says it was a good place to pick up women. He says he would go to those bars for ulterior motives and so would straight women. He says it was a very safe place to be.


I think this came out at an interesting time because I’ve recently seen a lot of discourse about straight women and men flooding gay bars/clubs and making the queer folk at those gay spaces feel unsafe, when the whole point is it’s supposed to be a safe space for queer people. The rebuttal I’ve seen from certain straight women is that they too deserve a space to feel safe.

ONTD, how do you feel about this?
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October 14 2021, 12:00:12 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 14 2021, 13:52:11 UTC

also let me add - i have very conflicting feelings about this. i don't care about cishet men, they have no business being at gay bars, i could maybe give a pass if they are with a group of non-cis/straight friends, otherwise fuck off. but regarding cishet women, i understand non-gay bars can be very toxic BUT also what happens a lot is that cycle: gay bar opens - attracts lgbt crowd - then the straights find out and attracts non-lgbt crowd - non-lgbt crowd takes over - lgbt people have to find other places to have fun because the straights turned the bar into a mess - bar closes
I remember I once said here I felt uncomfortable with straight ppl at pride and I got shit on so badly, probably by straight members who got offended. But its a safe space for us, I dont want to try to talk to a guy and then have him be cishet getting all mad that I hit on him.
Like one person said in this article: "Y’all are allies until we ask you to let us have our safe space. Then suddenly y’all are mad we 'make everything about us.' Performative."


Notice how he didn't say "I don't get into fights at gay bars", he said less fights.

Maybe ask yourself why you're getting into fights all the time?
If you think all men are trash or dangerous and you want to hang out at a gay male club because you won't have hetero guys hitting on you...just stay home.
A misogynistic gay man telling women to stay at home…

Nice one.
If you get into fights when drinking, you should not be drinking, Daniel.

I don't mind straight people at the gay club, as long as they don't "take over". Mind your place and have fun, straighty. You're welcome.
He's super recognizable, so I assume idiots love starting shit with him just because they can.
Tell me the problem is toxic masculinity and the patriarchy without using those words :3
my god, leave us alone.
Hmmm, idk. I absolutely see the value of queer-only spaces, but also toxic masculinity harms EVERYONE, including other cishet dudes, and this arguably calls attention to that in a useful way? I guess it all depends on how they behave in said gay bars and if they respect the idea that they're the guest for once and not the dominant/'controlling' figure.
all my closest friends are gay men so I didn't want to make them go to straight bars 24/7, we hated the music there! 😭 we always had a much, MUCH better time at gay bars. but I also just stuck with my friends and didn't try to act like I was some messiah to the gays at da club because I was in a ~Gay Bar~ i danced, got drunk, went home.

luckily I never had a problem with the hets when I went. maybe it's because my area was more rural/homophobic? the straights would avoid those places like the plague. and I think I appeared too insular/into my friends to ever use it as a place to find people to date. I just loved a safe place for all my friends and me, where we could be ourselves for a night.
The homophobic piece is probably true. Where i live now i rarely run into straight people at any sort of lgbtqia friendly bar bc they dont wanna be there lmao.
Theres this bar in OGT beach that is always flooded with bachelorette parties and I just know all the bartenders HATEEEEEEEE IT.
so the 2 bars I always went to in college weren't exclusively gay bars, but it's where all the gay people hung out. they both catered to the art and theater kids, and you could actually have a conversation in there. the servers and bartenders were often gay. you could go there and not be judged. the straights rarely went there, and the rest of the bars were heterosexual nightmares. both are long closed, and I still don't think there's an actual gay bar in town, but one venue hosts code pink events and is a safe space at least during those events.
Why not, he is a bottom. It’s really wild that his little trysts have never come out.
Receipts girl…
don't leave us hanging now
No like true receipts, but I shoot a lot of escorts for their like rentmen/massage finder profiles. Sometime in 2018, I was shot one, don't remember his name but he was tall, red-headed, had like a giant thick dick, and we decided to eat after the shoot and we were just casually talking. He mentioned he tag-teamed Craig with some Brazilian huge-dicked escort in New York. I had no reason to doubt him--it's not like he was trying to impress me. He says that he frequently uses escort services.


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He did go on vacay with Andy Cohen once.. and are they still friends? Like it was just him and Cohen not like a big group. I'm surprised nobody mentioned it yet. I do wonder if this is just a story you tell to cover your ass as having been at these places.


1 week ago

it's really weird to see how gay bars have changed as i've gotten older. i don't like how straight people are invading these spaces that historically have existed so that queer people can have a place where they feel safe to be themselves and have fun away from watchful eyes or judgement. if you're not with a queer person, i really don't think these people should be going to gay bars. please just leave us alone.
I also think that if you're a queer person who brings a straight person into our space, you're responsible for them for the duration of the night just as though they're your kids. Don't make them someone else's problem. The way I've seen gay men let their straight friends act wild at the bar is... oof
For me it changed with drag race. When season 4 aired, suddenly all these straight suburban kids were in a huge line to get into our clubs.
My ex, who is a straight man likes going to gay bars as well because he doesn't like the alpha male energy at straight ones. However, I get both sides of the argument on how LGBTQ folks need a safe space as well. I think the point is that it should be an inclusive place for anyone to feel safe, which is why so many straight women frequent them.
ok, gross. straight people have plenty of places they can go.

i understand straight women feel safer at a gay bar but that's not the purpose of a gay bar. there are gay women at these bars and how are they going to know if you're a straight girl or not? it's just weird. create your own safe spaces.
puke @ his face and his words
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