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Disney releases new trailer for Peter Jackson's Beatles documentary series

• In 1969, director Michael Lindsay-Hogg was granted unrestricted access to the recording sessions for what would become the album Let It Be. He also captured footage of The Beatles rooftop performance, the last live performance the band would ever play. Some of the footage made its way into a documentary released in the wake of the band's breakup (the documentary was also titled Let It Be), but hours of footage and audio was left unused and locked in a vault for 50 years. Director Peter Jackson is the first person to be given access to this footage.

• Jackson restored the footage using the same techniques used for his WWI documentary They Shall Not Grow Old, and the series was created using 60 hours of unseen footage that was shot over the 21 day marathon recording session. Jackson aims to show the "reality" of the recording session instead of only focusing on the tension between band members. It will also feature the full 42 minute rooftop performance.

• The series will premiere on Disney+ over the course of three days starting November 25 and each episode is two hours long.

idk i'm not a beatles fanatic, but the restored footage looks incredible
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October 14 2021, 10:23:19 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 14 2021, 10:24:07 UTC

Those are some ugly white men. The documentary filmmaker in me is wondering if this a "all rights, all media, in perpetuity" release form in action.
I can't listen to the beatles without thinking of my sister's wake. They were her favorite band and we played them all day for two days.
I understand that <3 there are a handful of songs I can never listen to again in my life after we played them at my brother's wake.
I'd be more interested in a documentary about their beginnings that doesn't straightwash the whole thing.


October 14 2021, 11:06:11 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 14 2021, 11:07:12 UTC

You mean, John's holiday with Brian? Or even more? I've always found that incident fascinating, especially as it seems that's what caused John to beat up Bob Wooler (who was gay himself) at Paul's 21st birthday party
Yes that's what I meant! That incident (John beating up Bob Wooler) was the first time they made national news iirc. There are also many other reports of him lashing out at people making insinuations about him and Brian and even though there was a movie about their holiday in the new queer cinema wave of the 90s, I feel like the topic rarely comes up in official documentaries. In fact Brian's whole involvement with the group and his importance as their manager is often reduced to "he gave them new outfits". Idk I just feel like there's a lot of interesting history buried there that no one wants to touch because it gets messy (also with how John treated Cynthia and so on).

What holiday?


1 week ago

I want a Rocketman-esque film.

Nowhere Boy and Yesterday were shit


1 week ago

Well, I AM a Beatles fanatic and I cannot wait for this, even though I still think there will be painful moments. They were not in a good place filming this.

I cannot wait for this. God, young Paul was so hot.

i’m glad someone said it lmao

Honestly anyone who doesn't is lying, LOOK at him.

Paul was so hot.
Love that these youtube videos autoplay now, this starting blasting from my phone in the doctor's office.

This looks good.

Fuck the Beatles. There i said it

I’m so excited for this

But holy fuck that footage. It’s actually disconcerting how good it is. Like I’m not meant to see The Beatles that clear.

I’m going to download They Shall Not Grow Old. I hadn’t realised he’d done that
the beatles are over hyped in a lot of ways. but the combination of curiosity about this process, the quality of the footage, and that there are some jams on this album I am kinda excited to watch this...
ooo i'm here for this
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