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Cosmopolitan UK Lists 37 (5) Celebrity Couples You Probably Forgot About

1. Keira Knightley and Jamie Dornan

The two met on the set of a photoshoot back in 2003 when Jamie was working as a model. They were together for 2 years and eventually broke up in 2005.

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Tags: ashton kutcher, helen mirren, jamie dornan, janet jackson, january jones, keira knightley, lenny kravitz, liam neeson, list, matthew mcconaughey, nicole kidman, true love / love is dead

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Madonna and Tupac I've known about but Asap Rocky's reaction to it is the first thing that always comes to my mind!!

LMAO why does he it say 5 times 😂😂
The shock of it all!
They fucked and we forgot.
I gotta give it to Lenny for using Nicole as inspiration for his song, Lady. Shit is still a bop. Will forever remember him playing that song with SJP for a GAP commercial, only for MADTV to make a parody of it:

I appreciate that Jessica Biel went from Chris Evans to Justin Timberlake as I too used to think they were the same person. Idk why, they don’t really look alike but they have a similar vibrating frequency…
I thought ScarJo and Jessica Biel were the same person for a while in a similar way
I learned from tiktok that Ione Skye (16) moved in with Anthony Kiedis (24) 😬
Anthony loves kids. He’s made it known.
i forgot about nicole kidman and lenny kravitz
I feel like Jake/Kirsten were pretty iconic at the time. I honestly always forget he and Reese dated for quite a while.
Yeah they were super cute together and seemed to have a lot of fun going to concerts.
Oh wow I really forgot Nicole dated Lenny. Also Jake G and Natalie P. A lot of these ended with them remaining friends, and wow I really don't know how you do it. When I'm done with an ex, I am DONE. Even if it ends peacefully, I just have nothing left to give them and want nothing else from them.
Yeah everyone's who's like Jake and Natalie never dated has not seen the candids of her leaving his place very early in the morning in those silly nike maryjanes everyone was into in the very early aughts, but the north remembers!
Lmao you just unearthed another forgotten moment in time. The athletic maryjanes! I think I had a pair from Skechers.


1 week ago

The one I always randomly remember is Blake Lively and Leo. Also Blake Livley and Ryan Gosling and Disneyland.
"2. Helen Mirren and Liam Neeson" whaaaaaat

"3. Matthew McConoughey and Janet Jackson" WHAAAAAAT???????
I def forgot about Nicole and Lenny, omg. They would've been an iconic couple, not gonna lie.
Some of these were all over the news when they happened, so I'm guessing this is going to be news for people who weren't around at the time. Some are also a stretch, considering it was one date/one event they attended together.
LMAO ain't nobody forget about Puffy and J.Lo!

Unless you're like, 12.
Paul Hollywood + Marcela Valladolid, Joan Lunden + Shaq
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