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Raeden Greer Says She Was Fired from True Detective by Cary Fukunaga for Refusing to Appear Nude

Raeden Greer was cast in True Detective when she was 24 under the contractual clause that there would be no nudity involved.

After receiving the script and noticing that the role involved a bit of dancing, she wanted to make sure the role did not require her to be nude:

“So, I started asking after that, like, ‘To be clear, there’s no nudity involved in this role, right?’” Greer recalls. “I kept getting the answer from my agent and from casting—no, that would be absolutely unheard of if they asked you to do nudity after it wasn’t disclosed. There was no rider, there was no negotiating this into your contract, that would not happen, so stop asking about it because it’s making you look amateurish.’ So, I was like, ‘OK, I’m gonna quit worrying about it.’”

When she showed up to set, she found only a set of pasties and a thong for her to wear. She asked a PA on set to get someone for her to talk to because she was "extremely uncomfortable" about the situation - which is when Fukunaga arrived and pulled her aside:

“Cary said to me at that moment, ‘Everybody on this show goes topless. All the women on the show go topless. Your character is a stripper, so you have to,’” Greer said.

“He was trying different things to convince me that it’s not a big deal,” she said. “It [was] going to be very tasteful, or it’s just gonna be really insignificant in the background. I was like, ‘Well, if it’s so insignificant, why is he so insistent that I have to do this?’ It was just on and on and on with no budging.”

After heading back to her trailer, another producer told her she had been replaced.

Greer takes issue with Fukunaga's "feminist" approach to promoting and talking about the new James Bond film he worked on:

“And now, Cary is out here talking about his female characters—it’s like another slap in the face over and over and over,” Greer said of Fukunaga’s shift. “Yes, he has had an illustrious career—that was a star-maker for him, and what happened to me? Nobody cares.”

“That was the human element that was missing that is so hurtful to me, that you could just look at somebody—a young girl who is starting out in her career who doesn’t want to show everything she’s got naked on camera spur of the moment, and you can’t understand that?” Greer said. “He knew that he wasn’t doing [it] above board. He knew.”

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