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The View: Elizabeth Warren, Ron Howard, Clint Howard, Hillary Clinton, Louise Penny,

Panel varies

Whoopi still filming [something], Sherri still here, and Guest Host S.E. Cupp

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Wednesday Show John Gruden Fired

This tool wrote way too many trash things in emails and while some were a decade ago, others were more recent. Didn’t they vet this guy? It got caught because of an investigation about a different NFL team. He said homophobic, misogynistic, racist things.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Sunny Previews Her Colin Kaepernick Interview

Sunny interviews Colin Kaepernick for Ebony magazine, also his upcoming Netflix documentary.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show RHOBH Erika Jayne in the Hot Seat

Andy Cohen grills Erika Jayne about her corrupt husband and his illegal shenanigans. The panel gossips about all of the RH jailbirds.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Elizabeth Warren

First segment
EW talks about >> Biden’s BBB plan, Manchin and Sinema, stump speech for the legislative bills

Second segment
Biden approval, protect voting rights for 2022 and 2024, breaking up Fb

Third segment
Ab0rtion rights, her new children’s book Pinkie Promises, all the family she’s lost to covid or cancer and dealing with loss.

Whoopi is filming [something], Sherri still here, and Guest Host S.E. Cupp

Hot Topic Tuesday Show TX Governor Abbott Wants to Kill All Texans

Governor Abbott has received both vaccine shots, and his booster shot, but refuses any public or private business or entity to follow Biden federal vaccine mandate. S.E.C. is a limited government conservative but she believes if there is any time for federal government to have oversight, then a pandemic is the time. Sunny mentions George Clooney comments where his analogy is that Biden Admin is like a battered child. Biden has only been in office 8 months, inherited a broken and wounded nation, is being blamed for what he inherited, and expected to (immediately) solve the problems T45 did/still perpetuating. Also debate about filibuster.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show World Mental Health Day

Last Sunday was World Mental Health Day, more celebrities are speaking out in support of de-stigmatizing mental health issues. SEC talks about having a panic attack meltdown. The panel talks about their own experience with therapy, offering children from a young age the opportunity to talk about things.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Black Women Gun Owners

Highest increase in gun ownership is among Black women. Sherri is one of them, and she tells her story. Sunny talks about her friends, their reasons, but she doesn’t want a gun for herself. They all think it’s a shame that we all feel so unsafe.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Biden is Uncle of RHOC

Some woman from RHOC is now married to one of Biden’s nephews. The couple met on a dating app, had the all night talk, jumped right in to a relationship and are now married. Whew. Divorce in 5-4-3… Panel talks about quickie romances and their longevity (or lack of).

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Ron Howard and Clint Howard

Opie Taylor, Richie Cunningham, and his character actor younger brother Clint are promoting their book The Boys which talks about their life growing up as goofball brothers. They talk about their family life. Ron talks about his friendships with former costars like The Fonz, who is Godfather to all 4 of his kids.

Former host Sherri Shepherd joins

Hot Topic Monday Show Sherri Shepherd

Former host Sherri Shepherd joins for the week, they show clips of her, and she talks about her time on the show.

Hot Topic Monday Show Kim K Hosts SNL

Once again Kim K is offered an opportunity despite no relevant background or experience, except that she is a reality show star who came to fame because she leaked her own p0rn sex tape.

Hot Topic Monday Show Hillary Clinton and Louise Penny

First segment (only Hillary)
She looks good, new hair. She talks about >> T45 The Big Lie, thinks we came close to Constitutional crisis and we are STILL IN IT, the high level attack on legitimacy of our government led by an incompetent corrupt ding dong, calls his followers a cult, the state of today’s GQP, Fb whistleblower topic, Biden’s BBB agenda and Manchin and Sinema.

Second segment (Louise Penny joins)
Hillary and Louise talk about the book they co-wrote State of Terror. Whoopi loves Penny as an author. They talk about >> main protagonist, the plot, she calculated she spent cumulative 25 days equivalent during her 18-20 mos running for Potus getting ready because of the scrutiny on her (a woman’s) looks vs a man.

Third segment
Louise and Hillary have a Canadian themed gift. Pajamas with moose on them. They talk about the story behind the pajamas and other related anecdotes.

Whoopi is off, Ana joins

Hot Topic Friday Show FBF With Mario Cantone

They play a lot of clips when Mario was on the show. Lots of jokes. Everyone laughs. He’s funny 😃 Whoever does his eyebrows should re-think the space between his eyes, those angles are weird.

Hot Topic Friday Show TRE45ON Is Still Trying It

Donald Ding Dong tried to claim executive privilege for documents when he incited an insurrection, but the Biden Admin said Fck Off. Lol. Sunny lawyersplains it.

Hot Topic Friday Show Representation in Hollywood

Renee Zellweger is wearing a padded suit for something (she gained weight for BJD but that gave her anxiety for her weight to fluctuate, so now she’s wearing padding), Kathryn Hahn is playing Joan Rivers even tho she’s not Jewish. The panel talks about what matters vs what goes too far, eg it’s called acting. They play a clip of Denzel Washington talking about the difference between color vs. culture. They also talk about the gray area, when needing a name actor to get a movie made.

Hot Topic Friday Show

WhereIsHeNow™ from the Black Eyed Peas is promoting the new competition show Alter Ego. Joy likes his music. I sorta didn’t listen, bloop.

Ontd do you prefer

French Toast
Bleh no thanks
All of them!!
No breakfast for me

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