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Beanie Feldstein on Lea Michele: "I don’t know the woman whatsoever"


Beanie was on Andy Cohen's radio show and talked about starring in the Funny Girl revival, a role many people thought Lea would kill for

Beanie didn't knew about any of this and also doesn't even know who Lea is

“I didn’t know that any of this was happening, by the way. All of a sudden people started explaining it to me and I was like, ‘What?’ Like … ‘I didn’t understand.’"

"She very sweetly wrote on my Instagram [but] I don't know the woman whatsoever."
Tags: broadway / theatre, lea michele

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my friend (more like acquaintance lol we ran in the same circle) was in some broadway production with Lea very early on (I wanna say Fiddler maybe?) in her career and said she was a total monster
I won the lottery for Six earlier this week. Front row center orchestra. It was my first Broadway show in 2 years and I didn't realize how much I missed live theatre until I was back seeing live theatre.

The girls from Six put on a hell of a show. I had a blast.
The energy in the audiences now is insane.
I heard you should hear the music for Six before going to see it and you'll enjoy it better. Is that true?
Nah, I don’t think so. The show is very self-explanatory. As long as you know that Henry VIII had 6 wives, and this show is about them, you’ll be fine.
I like Beanie, but she doesn’t really have the range to do Funny Girl imo. She sing-talks in a lot of stuff I’ve seen and her high notes are pretty thin.

I hope Kelly Clarkson gets to replace her after she leaves the production; she said a few years ago it was her dream role and covered My Man on tour and it was sublime.
She probably didn’t mean it in a bad way but I’m cackling
anyone else thinking that beanie is like, the zendaya for the "average sized gal" now, if you know what I mean?
In what way?
LOL You know that Lea would be seething after seeing this.
lmao queen shit
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