caontherocks (derevko) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Netflix & David Fincher have an announcement to make

So yesterday Netflix got us (me) all hyped up after this tweet:

And obviously a lot of people assumed it would be an annoucement for a 3rd season of Mindhunter.

Now Netflix has finally announced the project and [Spoiler (click to open)]it's NOT Mindhunter

Slightly disappointed, but OP here already expected it NOT to be a new season of Mindhunter and this project looks interesting and less boring than Mank, so that's a plus.

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Tags: david fincher, netflix

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Jokes aside, this actually pisses me off :( I want a third season so bad
Lmao it was never gonna be mindhunter.

All the mank jokes had me rolling yesterday 😂
Actual photo of me having hope when I clicked into this post 🥲
Goop in the bawx
did people actually think it was gonna be another season of mindhunter? it's only been a year or two since he complained about how time-consuming it was lol, we'll be lucky to have a new season by 2025 if at all

anyways i guess i'll watch this thingy

I don't think we will ever have a new season of Mindhunter tbh
yeah, and i bet he'd be a lot less involved if by some miracle it does happen
he did say a couple months ago he has thought about making season 3 but i feel like if it happened it'd be many years from now so im trying not to holding my breath for now
let me believeeeeee
No, but it would have been FUCKING AMAZING!!
Fuck you, Finch lmao

But I need more sad Bill Tench!! I never ever use the term "daddy," but...
Kinda wish it was Mindhunter. The last season was sooo good.

I'm nerdy enough that I'll probably watch this, but, after Mank, I am skeptical af. I never thought I'd hate a Fincher movie, but Mank taught me how.
Every great director needs a self congratulatory project to shake shit up.
Mank was so boring that I zoned out after about 20 minutes.
a new mindhunter season is the only thing that would make me a netflix subscriber again
I'm excited to see Tony Zhou and Taylor Ramos doing more video essays. I still revisit the Every Frame a Painting videos on YouTube and have been wanting to see more updates since they stopped and Filmstruck shut down.
Same. Every Frame a Painting was one of the only YouTube channels I've financially supported via Patreon because their content was so good. Their video on how an editor thinks and feels is incredible.
Yes! I'm always in awe of both the content and how they present the information in such a straightforward, organized, and non-condescending way. A lot of channels (especially the big media aggregate ones) have emulated their video essay style since but they don't have the same knack for scripting and editing the structure of a central argument. I rewatch the Satoshi Kon and Kurosawa videos whenever I need a creative boost.
Wait is this their project??

If yes then I'm in!


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