caontherocks (derevko) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Netflix & David Fincher have an announcement to make

So yesterday Netflix got us (me) all hyped up after this tweet:

And obviously a lot of people assumed it would be an annoucement for a 3rd season of Mindhunter.

Now Netflix has finally announced the project and [Spoiler (click to open)]it's NOT Mindhunter

Click here to see what it isCollapse )

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A documentary of visual essays guided by Fincher sounds fucking awful.
Considering what he said about Mindhunter and how much went into it and how much it took away from him, I find it disrespectful and kinda gross that people keep whining about it (even though I loved the show).
Read the room, Netflix. Who thought it would be a good idea to tease something new from Fincher like that and not expect people to think it might be Mindhunter. It was trending on Twitter for a lot of yesterday.
this is so rude lol

Who the fuck asked for this?!
Gimme season 3!!!!!!!

* makes jerking off motion *
david, i swear to fucking god...
I'm a big Fincher fan but I'll never understand people's obsession with Mindhunter
Can't win in the other categories so he's set his sights on Best Documentary?
Great. Let's celebrate cinema on the streamer actively trying to destroy it. Fuck you both very much.
LMFAOO THAT LAST TWEET!! Me tbh. I do love Fincher (most of the time) but lately I'm very meh on him. I tried to watch Mank recently and I thought it was shit and couldn't finish it (and I love Old Hollywood so...)
I'm always surprised ontd stans this racist sack of shit.

But I guess everyone's entitled to their problematic fav~
oh shit I didn't realize Fincher was racist fml. was that revealed during the Sony hack?
This is the reason he gave for white washing Divya Narendra in the social network "we had read an enormous, probably a hundred, Indian actors who came in to read for Divya and I saw footage of the actual Divya Narendra who I've met now and he's kind of like Warren Beatty. There's nothing, aside from being incredibly tan, there's almost nothing that seems particularly ethnic about him"

Its from the movies commentary track, so he didn't even need leak to be racist he just said it publicly. To be that brazen so openly, its truly a white man characteristic.


1 week ago

Mindhunter or death
Give me Mindhunter you asshole! 😂
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