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Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly Ask Each Other 40 Questions | The Couples Quiz | GQ

It's The Couples Quiz! In this episode, we peek into the relationship of Megan Fox and Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly. They ask each other all sorts of questions (and hopefully know the answers). Can MGK name all of Megan's tattoos? What did they do on their first date? Does Megan know the name of his sixth album? Find out which one of these lovebirds knows the other best.

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he always reminds me of aaron carter lol
Ummm did they just say they had matching tattoos?? Pero why?
lol tats #5-8 were all MGK related

she has no issues removing them though, like that Marilyn one
wasn't her reason for removing the MM one that it's bad vibes bc MM had depression or something lol


1 week ago


October 13 2021, 21:24:41 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 21:36:30 UTC

Lol! I just remember watching the one Saweetie and Quavo did and thinking they seemed cute together and look how that turned out so I'll just leave it at that.


October 13 2021, 21:29:34 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 21:58:56 UTC

this wasn't.... not cute. they're still annoying but they seem like they at least like each other. i remember watching kylie and travis scott do this and it was painful. at least megan and mgk know things about each other and seemingly have fun together.

i ended up watching a few of these and i also like teyana taylor and iman shupert:

it's so funny when he says her eyes are brown and she says he's wrong because they're "black coffee with a drop of cream and a bit of sugar"
The Teyana and Iman one is the best, they are clearly on the same wavelength about everything and their history comes through. It’s really cute


October 13 2021, 21:48:15 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 22:05:31 UTC

Great Value Angelina and Billy Bob are gonna have full on sex during an IG live if people start to move on from them and the attention dries up, calling it now. This interview is terrible.

"I’m witnessing a ritual that is equal parts sacred and profane – a physical consummation of sorts for the pair. The first thing you need to know is that they are an absolutely gorgeous couple, seemingly made for each other. The musician, born Colson Baker but better known as Machine Gun Kelly, is a handsome 6ft 4in punk with white-blond hair and is covered in tattoos. Fox, an actress, is the most beautiful woman I have ever met, a Frank Frazetta pin-up girl drawing come to life, today wearing Bettie Page bangs and a deep brown lip colour. She is the ideal cool-babe consort for a burgeoning superstar like MGK, a rapper turned rocker whose new album, Born With Horns, is executive-produced by Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. The record is dark pop punk that chronicles MGK’s recent life leading up to the moment he met Fox on a movie set and they fell in love."

"They walk in the footprints etched by the platform boots of partnerships such as Tommy and Pam, Kurt and Courtney or Mick and Marianne, but with a key difference: they’re trying their damndest to make sure things don’t blow up. They’re both at a place in their lives where they’re really willing to lay it all on the line for love."

"MGK has changed into a T-shirt he was gifted at the shoot. It’s printed with a photo of Mickey and Mallory, the iconic outlaw couple from Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers played by Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis. Movies are one of the things that brought the two together. ‘The Lost Boys was our first movie we watched together,’ he reminisces, ‘and then True Romance and Point Break.’"

"They both laugh about how they couldn’t see each other’s faces. Fox has a theory: ‘I think we weren’t allowed to see each other yet. We weren’t supposed to run into each other that night, so our souls, our spirit guides, were luring us away from each other, because you literally had no face, like that thing from Spirited Away. It is hard to see his face in general, but really he had no face that night.’ She turns to him. ‘Thank God, [because] what torture had I known you were there and I couldn’t get to you. It was better that I didn’t know.’"

My body hurts from cringing. It's giving Hot Topic tweens on MSN Messenger deepness.
This is DEFINITELY going to make one of those "infamous interviews" posts on ONTD in the future.
She is the ideal cool-babe consort for a burgeoning superstar like MGK,

I'd be so angry if I was described like that.
"Fox, an actress", fucking WINCE.
the way he talks to and looks at her, ~omg swoon~
She's gorgeous but she's veering into Melania Eyes territory in all her still shots
These two are everyfreakingwhere
Despite it all, I kinda like them. At least they knew a lot about each other, unlike that horrible Travis/Kylie interview.
I think she needs to read his old tweets instead.
why does he look like a skeleton. he looks unhealthy.

Megan having a nietzsche quote is sooo on brand lol Their entire existence being promoting this relationship is working because they're everywhere lately.
to quote someone else:

Everything I learned about these two has been against my will
Listening to her Kardashianesque vocal fry and hearing him just constantly make references to their sex life was so unappealing to watch. He’s still a racist scumbag pervert and she seems to be pivoting to vapid hot girlfriend which is lame.
White women are the weakest link as usual 🙄
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