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'Dune' Covers Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly talks up Dune in advance of its US release later this month. The photoshoot accompanying the article was shot on a tiny island just off the Lido during the 2021 Venice Film Festival. Some tidbits from the article:

  • Denis Villeneuve signed on to direct Dune in January 2017. Timothée Chalamet, who had auditioned for Prisoners, knew this, was interested in playing Paul, and tried to make himself available to talk to Villeneuve on the 2017-2018 awards circuit. Zendaya, who loved Prisoners, also aggressively pursued the role of Chani. For other roles, Villeneuve sought the actors out himself.

  • All of the actors talk about how much they loved working with Villeneuve.

  • Most of the scenes set in Arrakis were filmed in Abu Dhabi and Jordan's Wadi Rum.

  • Other settings consisted of elaborate sets with minimal green screening to provide a sense of realism.

  • Splitting it up into two parts allows for more showing and less exposition dumping, and makes the material more digestible.

  • Villeneuve thinks that the world of Dune, created over 50 years ago and showing a world out of balance, is a good example of why citizens and politicians should be seeking to protect the environment and trusting scientists.

  • Zendaya, who has limited screen time in part one, on a potential sequel: There's so much story left to be told. I would love to spend more time with these characters. I learned so much as an actress and became better just from that experience of being around Denis, watching him interact with his actors and run sets, and then seeing the way Javier works too. I also became wonderful friends with Timothée, who's now like my family I would say. We talk all the time about how fun it's gonna be if we get to do it. Selfishly, I want to do [a second film] to have fun and spend time with my friend.

Photos by Julian Ungano

Final trailer. Dune is set for release in the US on October 22nd.

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Zendaya is a goddess. I'm actually looking forward to this film.
she ain't in it for long.

or do i've heard. idk anything about dune other than sandworms
Tbh if the second movie gets made (I'm optimistic), she gets way more of a role, even than Tim. And if they go with Messiah she has a big role.
Huh, I had no idea this hasn't been released yet in the US. It's been out here for nearly a month, I saw it weeks ago. I liked it quite a bit, tbh, although I still think Timotei is miscast.
I agree, totally miscast for this role.
Miscast in what way?


October 14 2021, 15:39:49 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  October 14 2021, 15:41:32 UTC

I guess he just didn't fit the character of Paul in terms of how I remember him in the book. I don't think he was bad, by the way, I think he did a decent job, but I just don't think he was the right choice in the first place.
That motion cover is a bit of a serve tbh


October 13 2021, 18:38:35 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 18:40:27 UTC

Oscar Isaac has me feeling things this couple of month 🥵. Respectfully or Not

Oh and nice pictures I guess lol
The trailer looks EPIC. AS. FUUUUCK.

I really want to see this in IMAX!
His haaaaaair 👀
Zendaya and Timmy T look kinda hot together....sorry ontd.
I was thinking the same thing lol
They'd make a hot couple
Their cover is really doing it for me
Ms Zendaya!! 😍👑
surprised this isn't out yet (in US)
what's the consensus on it so far?
90% Rotten Tomatoes + a 75 on Metacritic... looking pretty good!

They did an international rollout first, I'm guessing because once it's released in the US, the HBO Max stream will make an HD rip available immediately for pirating + could dampen sales at the box office.
I wish they did this with more movies tbh but I know after this year the dnd thing is done. I have the patience to wait, and other people get to beat us to the punch.
oscar is always doing the most with his screen wives
It's working
I love this about him!
He understood the assignment!!!
Maybe they were sick of the desert shoots but them standing in a bunch of fields for this is cracking me up.

& It always seems like Zendaya has a good time on any set she's on, that's nice.
I have my advance ticket for the 21st. Can't wait.
I have my ticket to Imax and I'm reeeaddddy
these are cracking me up.
I've got like 90 pages left!! I have whiplash @ how fast [Spoiler (click to open)]Chani and Paul got together, though I guess there was a two-year time jump in there, and I'm sad @ how many of my faves [fave actors, anyway] got killed off like midway through. But I guess that's the end of the first movie, so! I'm glad we'll get so much Stephen McKinley Henderson, at least.
😩 the way timmy charcuterie and zendaya are staring me down is making me feel like i just had the nerve to walk passed them while being poor and i should apologize.
Whoa, is that Tamino in your icon?
yes :) <3


4 days ago


4 days ago

LMAO! Not "Timmy Charcuterie"!


4 days ago


4 days ago

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