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'Dune' Covers Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly talks up Dune in advance of its US release later this month. The photoshoot accompanying the article was shot on a tiny island just off the Lido during the 2021 Venice Film Festival. Some tidbits from the article:

  • Denis Villeneuve signed on to direct Dune in January 2017. Timothée Chalamet, who had auditioned for Prisoners, knew this, was interested in playing Paul, and tried to make himself available to talk to Villeneuve on the 2017-2018 awards circuit. Zendaya, who loved Prisoners, also aggressively pursued the role of Chani. For other roles, Villeneuve sought the actors out himself.

  • All of the actors talk about how much they loved working with Villeneuve.

  • Most of the scenes set in Arrakis were filmed in Abu Dhabi and Jordan's Wadi Rum.

  • Other settings consisted of elaborate sets with minimal green screening to provide a sense of realism.

  • Splitting it up into two parts allows for more showing and less exposition dumping, and makes the material more digestible.

  • Villeneuve thinks that the world of Dune, created over 50 years ago and showing a world out of balance, is a good example of why citizens and politicians should be seeking to protect the environment and trusting scientists.

  • Zendaya, who has limited screen time in part one, on a potential sequel: There's so much story left to be told. I would love to spend more time with these characters. I learned so much as an actress and became better just from that experience of being around Denis, watching him interact with his actors and run sets, and then seeing the way Javier works too. I also became wonderful friends with Timothée, who's now like my family I would say. We talk all the time about how fun it's gonna be if we get to do it. Selfishly, I want to do [a second film] to have fun and spend time with my friend.

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haven't seen the movie yet but i see no chemistry between zendaya and twonka kid. meanwhile, oscar is out here having chemistry with everything. how, sir??
It’s part of his ~brand~
Yeah, the differences between the two couple promo pics is quite stark. Feels deliberate.
Some of this, I would bet money, is their own consciousness about how fucking insane their stans are. Oscar and Rebecca can pull this off because their fanbases do not so overwhelmingly consist of very online under-emotionally developed teenagers.


6 days ago

aside from the jacket on the cover timothee's styling is awful. I feel like the dress zendaya is wearing on the cover is a nod to spiderman.
Why do they keep forcing this Timothee dude on us? Go away!
Maybe one day I will finish God emperor of Dune

Still will never understand the importance of Duncan Idaho
I can't with God Emperor. It gets too ridiculous for me.
omg look at my king and queen serving WHEW <3 to think that zendaya went from

to being the fashion and actreusing legend she is today, proud of ha!

and i cannot WAIT for timothee to win an oscar, i will happily drown in ontd's tears <3
wow I vaguely remember this

poor Tina </3
i feel like i've been hearing about this movie for years lol
that's because you have been
Elvira must be so chill b/c Oscar is something else.
Someone said they give off strong “ethically nonmonogamous” vibes
You can only have so many sisterwives.

OP i support you even though I have no interest in Dune

I know it's all angles, but he looks actual fed in these pics.
Body shaming is fun.
Got my IMAX ticket!!!! I can't wait.
me too!
lmao I love how timmy and zendaya are clearly on "do not start dating rumors, do not start dating rumors" mode while oscar is more than happy to camp it the fuck up with literally any of his on-screen love interests
too bad for them people will play any sort of mental gymnastics for a ship. good luck to them when part 2 comes out bc they will be having to do... some things... in it.
I have my ticket for Oct 22 - I just hope it's better than James Bond (I was disappointed.)

Timmy is so painfully thin.


October 14 2021, 03:23:57 UTC 6 days ago Edited:  October 14 2021, 03:24:56 UTC

Oscar posted about how they look like a shitty boy band in that field pic and ia. Timmy is cute and is really enjoying not having to eat steroids and work out 24/7 in order to be a sex symbol despite ontd's dismay. <3

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