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Were there spoilers in the SCREAM trailer?

After Paramount Pictures dropped the trailer for Scream, many fans, including myself, were concerned about the protentional spoilers in the 2 minute video. I even made a "non-spoilery teaser" for the film.

Bloody-Disgusting talked to filmmakers Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett:

Bettinelli-Olpin says, "This was a hard trailer for [marketing] to put together, and I think one of the things we’re happy with is that anything that you might think is a spoiler in this, there’s a good chance you’re wrong. There are misdirects within the movie. There are misdirects within the trailer. For us, that’s just the fun of the whole thing to make this a big whodunnit. Spoilers suck, but the fun as fans is to talk about who might be the killer. Then to go through it forensically to try and find out and see if you can win the game, basically.”

After watching the trailer, many fans have voiced their theories on Twitter. The marketing team for Scream even created a Facebook group called "Woodsboro Horror Film Club."

Gillett adds, "Part of what we love about the Scream movies, and what we love about the Scream fandom is just how deep people watch these movies. We think some of the fun of this experience is this forensic watching of things and trying to figure out who the killer is. It’s all a part of what’s so unique and so special about this franchise to us. As deep, deep fans of the original four, we took pains to populate the world of this movie, and certainly the materials with as many fun nods and Easter eggs and misdirects as possible.”


Do you avoid trailers/marketing to not be spoiled before watching a movie?
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So hopefully that one shot of Gale is meant to throw us off? It fuckin better
I love trailers as a rule, but not for movies like this where the mysteries and reveals are at least half of the fun. I like being surprised! I know they're saying it's not spoilery, but I will continue to avoid, just like I've been avoiding the Last Night in Soho trailer.

What are the chances Stu is actually alive? I mean it’s safe to assume Scream has never been about cheap soap opera shenanigans or the supernatural.

The Roman twist was definitely cheap soap opera shenanigans lol
I'd say zero. If he was in jail and alive, it should have been mentioned and set up in 2. Sadly now it would just be cheap which makes me mad bc I frickin love Matthew Lillard.
Scream 3 was an entire soap opera.
I've seen a lot of people saying/thinking this tbh...I'm here for it esp since Matthew Lillard has that random cameo in scream 2...

I feel like if he magically survived the electrocution they wouldn't have waited 4 movies and 25 years to say so

so its not a shot for shot remake? I'm confused. who asked for this?
It's a sequel, why the hell would it be the same as the first one??


October 13 2021, 19:12:32 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 19:13:12 UTC

I mean it has the same title as the original. no part 2, no electric boogaloo, no 2 scream 2 furious, Screams... this is worse than Suicide Squad/The Suicide Squad as far as sequel ambiguity goes.


4 days ago


4 days ago

we all asked for this


4 days ago

i normally avoid trailers but for some reason, i watched this one and i have mixed feelings lol.

i feel if they're bringing back stu or kirby or anyone who isn't in the main three it's something they'd hide. i'd much rather kirby have a cameo vs stu lol. wes said that kirby was still alive so it's what he would have wanted. i know hayden hasn't acted in a while so maybe even just a mention of her or a photo of her or something.
The misdirection of misdirections - Nothing tops Drew Barrymore getting top billing.

I rarely watch trailers because I don’t actively seek them out and I don’t watch flow tv.

Janet Leigh did it first!

Apparently they've filmed multiple twists and endings so trust no one.

I am very 😳 over every scene of Sidney being in one outfit excluding the Dewey call so what I am saying is DON'T YOU DARE KILL SIDNEY.
i don't avoid trailers bc i take forever to watch movies/don't mind too much about being spoiled at this point in my life. when i'm watching stuff at home i usually am watching while looking at the wikipedia plot summary lol
I know it’s weird but I like spoilers lol sometimes I’ll read the whole wiki summary before watching a movie. I think it’s an anxiety thing and it helps me if I know what happens beforehand.

I don’t do it for all movies/shows though
I'm like this for true horror movies/thrillers. I have to know how they end or my anxiety gets to me.
I'm the same lol I like to know the spoilers because I'm impatient and I want to know what happens. I like getting there more than getting to the end/spoilers so it works for me
same! i do it for scary stuff so i’m Prepared (and still end up freaked out).

I got a feeling only the girls will survive this one.

Dewey is 100% a goner

Ngl, I'm starting to get a little miffed at how much longer Dewey has lived than Randy got to

Do you avoid trailers/marketing to not be spoiled before watching a movie?

usually but I watched this one right as soon as it was posted lol. I didn't get the feeling they would give away the big twists. this franchise has done a pretty good job of keeping the big reveals close to their chests, because obviously they want that sweet, sweet box office $$$
I haven't watched one preview for Halloween Kills because I noticed some spoilers already. But for this movie, I was like, "It's a Scream movie, surely they'd be the ones to keep things under wraps!" Blah! I hope I forget the things I see and go back to the trailer after I've watched the movie.
I haven't watched this trailer and I prob wont unless I happen to see it play on TV or in a movie theatre bc I don't wanna be spoiled. Even w/ misdirection I feel like I will see through some things & figure out something I don't want to see yet.
im bummed jenna is the first kill
i don't think she is, honestly. primarily because there's a bit in the later half of the trailer where you see someone with [Spoiler (click to open)]the same hairstyle as her in a wheelchair in a hospital. that and the call between dewey / sidney mentions "attacks" and not murders. my theory is that jenna and the other two alluded to are attacked to survive and then the killings amp up after sidney gets there.
Ok I like that


October 13 2021, 20:06:12 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 20:06:30 UTC

I haven’t seen the trailer cause I don’t wanna get spoiled…. or Underwhelmed lmao
Honestly i would 100% be here for Sidney just fucking snapping and being the killer, my god the woman's been through how many murder attempts?!
That’s what I thought Scream 4 was going to be tbh
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