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The Wanted - "Rule the World" (Official Video)

UK boy band The Wanted return today with "Rule the World," their first single since 2014's "Glow in the Dark." It's the first of two new tracks fans can look forward to when their greatest hits album, Most Wanted, arrives on November 12.

Tags: british celebrities, irish celebrities, music / musician (pop), music video, new music post

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A greatest hits album with only one album ever made, and maybe 3 singles tops?
'songs collection' doesn't have the same ring to it
you're probably just being snarky but they have 4 albums lmao
FOUR? I'm gonna have to fact check this on wikipedia.
the song is fine, I respect them for sticking to a very "them" sound but it also sounds very outdated like it was a leftover from 2012
Literally sounds like summer 2012 to me
I vaguely remember them trying to feud with one direction and Zayn dragging them or something, and the bald one hooking up with Lindsay


October 13 2021, 17:03:28 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 17:04:31 UTC

If you had told me back then that the Wanted would outlast all their contemporaries, I would've laughed you out of the room

Who's the clown now 🤡
What is the little one attempting with that haircut
Vague and Bland.
sounds ok, just not for me. kinda reminds me of like generic gym music. i was never a fan though, i kinda missed that boyband revival era
i only know one song, their feud with 1d and that one of them got diagnosed with a pretty fcked up cancer, with little chances of survival :/
I wanted to like it because I’m always here for some europoppy bops but it was pretty boring :/ I always forget how little British boy bands do in terms of work and selling it too. They were literally all just standing there! No dancing, smh. And the instrumental breaks (the only interesting parts of the song) was just asking for a good dance too.
I mean, one of them has cancer, I can see why they would opt to not have a choreography...
That I did not know, my bad
Take That used to dance their asses off in the 90s. It's been downhill since then.
its fine? the video is really pretty though!
Oof that opening note.
i forgot about them.

i clicked this expecting a take that cover, though. you can't just pick the same title as a known song like that.
Me too, it was dissappointing but also kinda a relief
I only know their one song and that Tom has cancer, I hope he's doing well.
Didn't one of them get diagnosed with cancer recently?
Yeah, Tom. He has a stage four brain tumour.
That was Tom Parker. He has stage 4 brain cancer. The tumor has shrunk and he's stable for now.
A greatest hits album makes sense as I imagine it makes things easier for Tom, what with not having to record too much new material.

It does sound kind of dated, but I can imagine it playing in a club or something.
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