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The Wanted - "Rule the World" (Official Video)

UK boy band The Wanted return today with "Rule the World," their first single since 2014's "Glow in the Dark." It's the first of two new tracks fans can look forward to when their greatest hits album, Most Wanted, arrives on November 12.

Tags: british celebrities, irish celebrities, music / musician (pop), music video, new music post

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what is this colonizer anthem
It's fun. I mean sounds like a pop song. I wish them the best.
Sounds like something from 2014/2015.
So I still don't like The Wanted...that's cool.

Also I legit thought they replaced a member, but, nope, it was Nathan Sykes.
the bald one performed in my hs gym before joining the wanted

we also had big brovaz and keisha white (the lady who sang the legendary tracy beaker theme song!)

any other uk people remember their school having random music performances in the 00s?
I was going to say the all aged well till I saw Nathan Sykes
yeah I was just thinking what's up with that hair lol?
Man I remember The Wanted vs. 1D posts on here being so fun when I was in college.
It's not bad, it's very "them". Could have been a leftover from 2012-2013. I appreciate that they didn't change their sound.

I always liked their music and it's nice that they're putting out a greatest hits album.
were we ever so young
This is pretty bland but lol catch me getting emotional over it anyway. Tom was always my fave so I’m v 🥺
idk glad you came is a bop
god nathan is so gross... that hair

jay is still an underappreciated hottie
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