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What Happened, Brittany Murphy? | Official Trailer | HBO Max


A beloved Hollywood starlet known for a number of iconic roles – gone at 32 years old. Unanswered questions, controversial figures, and surrounded by speculation: what really happened to Brittany Murphy? This two-part documentary explores her life beyond headlines, celebrating her legacy and investigating her tragic and untimely death.

Stream What Happened, Brittany Murphy? on October 14 on HBO Max
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Mold is ... terrible. Tbh I lived in an appartment where there was mold and the doctor told me with a very straight face that either I was moving out in less than a month, or I was going to die. Just looking at that wall, I'm having bad memories.
I'm glad you are ok, mold is no joke. My friend's grandmother died from mold she hadn't detected in her home :(
♥♥♥ I'm sorry for your friend's grandma :c
All I could think of during quarantine is people who were trapped in those kind of apartments ;__;


1 week ago

I was sick my entire junior year of college and doctors couldn't figure out why...when moving out of my dorm room the last day, we saw black mold all over one wall.
I'm going through mold issues with my landlord currently. We just had a mushroom growing out of our ceiling and he basically shrugged and spackled over the leak. Looking to move out ASAP.


1 week ago

Oh my god. I’m so sorry, that’s awful.
I’m glad you’re still here.
Yep. I was there four weeks and it fucked up my health for years following.


1 week ago

I hate these types of projects they seem so exploitive, particularly with the resurgence of 90s/2000s culture, if they wanted to celebrate her legacy they missed the mark with that title
I'm very RME at this documentary because I find it really bonkers to essentially wholly imply that he killed her or at least caused the circumstances that led to her death when he fully died of the same shit and isn't here to defend himself.


October 13 2021, 18:44:22 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 18:45:10 UTC

Her death is very tragic, but I'm not on board with the conspiracy theories.

I got pneumonia when I was severely anemic (for some reason my lil digestive tract just won't let me digest iron) and I almost died y'all. I was seriously, gravely ill and in the hospital for two weeks. I'm no doctor but I can't help but assume anemia must really put an already dangerous illness into over drive. I permamently lost all of my hearing in one ear due to the pneumonia/anemia causing my temperature to reach over 109 degrees.

I imagine since she was pressured into losing weight for Hollywood didn't help matters either. :(

All that being said, her husband seemed skeevy as fuck and her death was one of the few celeb deaths that I actually cried about. She seemed so damned sweet.
this is lowkey creepy and disrespectful, theyre implying something "mysterious" or scary happened when it was basically pneumonia and she didnt get care on time. like yea her hubby was shady but this is gross, i blame this on true crime culture.
Nah. Watch Yhara Zayd's video on Brittany instead. It felt less exploitative and it made me go back and watched some of her films I hadn't seen.
I mean, becj then there were reasons to suspect the husband had a hand in her death. The husband is always the first suspect.

But then he died because of the same causes, pneumonia. But I guess mold is too mundane a cause, so they're still trying to push these insensitive conspiracy theories.
Oh I feel bad for falling into the whole fervor of ppl thinking her husband/mom slowly poisoned her to death and then thinking that her mom also killed her husband when he also died. Sad that it was a totally preventable death if she had gotten care sooner. Also kind of scared that her and her husband had anemia that probably contributed to how severe the pneumonia was and I also developed pretty severe anemia last year that caused me to get a blood transfusion bc I basically had no red blood cells. Glad I’ve started taking iron again recently.

I’m really tired of true crime being so exploited lately and people treating tragic deaths like a fun thing to watch/listen to. Especially after Gabby Petito and people being so disgusting acting like it’s fun to speculate how everything happened and posting updates on their tiktok visibly excited about new gruesome details. Also the absolutely ridiculous theories that come out of true crime (just like when we thought her husband and mom killed Brittany Murphy, Naya Rivera somehow being abducted from that boat or murdered, or Elisa Lam being murdered by some mysterious person when it’s all just a tragic accident).
i'm not watching this and I love mess. I don't like the implications tbh.
someone posted a tears for fears post the other day, and she stars in this video of theirs:


October 13 2021, 21:06:00 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 21:06:21 UTC

Documentaries like this are nothing but exploitative. They don’t care about uncovering the truth or sympathising with Brittany. They will sensationalise the fuck out of everything and make her death a spectacle. There’s many YouTube video essays/essayists that are much much better than documentaries.


October 13 2021, 21:24:04 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 21:27:12 UTC

It reminds me of how people wrote all those toxic stories about how Amy Winehouse was secretly doing heroin again when she died.
Her mother, brother and the coroner said it was alcohol poisoning and had her body and heart not been so weak from her bulimia she likely would have survived, but it wasn't as sexy a hook, especially since her ED was barely touched on by the press when she was alive.

I don't think it's fair to say Brittany Murphy was perfectly healthy in one breath and "had become extremely thin" in another, like HBO is doing in this trailer. The most likely reason for her death was natural causes, not foul play. But maybe they uncovered something else.

She was so charismatic and fun to watch. An actual movie star.

I will always maintain that Brittany should've been the lead in "Riding in Cars With Boys" instead of Drew Barrymore.
ugh. her death was tragic yet but it's not some big conspiracy like people think it is. let her rest.
This feels exploitative. Watch Yhara's video instead


October 14 2021, 12:00:56 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 14 2021, 12:02:09 UTC

Watch this video celebrating her legacy instead https://youtu.be/KMa-b4Hv0eM
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