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Phoebe Bridgers Performs "Moon Song" on Jimmy Kimmel

Phoebe Bridgers performs "Moon Song" on Jimmy Kimmel Live, with Rob Moose on violin. She's wrapping up her US tour next week with a few more dates in San Francisco, LA, and at Shaky Knees in GA.

Tags: jimmy kimmel, live performance, music / musician (alternative and indie)

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Her, Fletcher, and Caroline are like Lana and Lordes sons.
Caroline's career started in 2007-2008
oh wow! I didn't realize she'd been around that long.


4 days ago

i dont see any connection between these artists musically except "sad"
this is not good, for me.


October 13 2021, 16:36:06 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 16:36:24 UTC

Tour Europe next plsss
And an actual European tour that consists of dates in other countries than the uk and France (looking at you Lana).
Punisher is such a great record, no skips at all.

This version of moon song is kinda meh imo, the violin was really annoying and grated on my nerves, but phoebes voice and the rest of the arrangement lifts it to meh.

I would have liked to hear it like her Seth meyers version of I know the end:

That song always makes me cry, it’s such a powerful album closer.
I loooove the seth meyers version of that song. I'll always remember watching it in lockdown and thinking i'll be able to watch this years from now and remember exactly how this moment felt.
100% no skips!!
It’s been over a year and I keep listening to this album very often
Agreed on all counts! That version of I know the end is INCREDIBLE, really elevates the song imo. It benefits from the visual elements, the empty auditorium in particular

And my only skip is savior complex! I don’t care for it but not sure why. I think I’ve listened to ICU and Chinese Satellite more than any other songs in the last few years

I love her cover of Bo Burnham's A Funny Feeling.


October 13 2021, 16:56:51 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 16:57:40 UTC

I love that they're both donating the proceeds to Texas abortion funds.
It so good! It fits very well like it could easily be one of her songs
I've been listening to it way more than is healthy lol
yes i need that song to blow up as much as it possibly can, i uglycry every time i hear it
Violin was a little too overpowering in this version but I love this song.
accidentally ended up with tickets to both of her LA shows and I wouldn't even be mad if I don't sell my second set of tix tbh
I can’t believe Punisher didn’t win any Grammys, it was such a good song. I love this song though, that “you are sick/and you’re married/and you might be dying” part always destroys me
"But you're holding me like water in your hands" always gets me too. It's such a sombre song.
I thought it was kinda melodramatic and comically sad at first but then I got to that part and it hit me right in the gut lmao, it’s so fuckin solemn and weighty and you really feel it in that moment

The way she says “water in your hands” I’ve shout sung along with it so many times in my car
i went to listen punisher thinking she was going to be another bananis and avocadis girl and ended up listening on repeat for weeks, moon song is my fav from the album
I love this song but the violin was overkill
A stripped down guitar version would’ve been so much better

Loved that she put on an astronauts costume, I think her late night performance have all been very unique
i've got a friend who's been trying to get me into phoebe bridgers' music and i've always been "eh" but i just listened to this and between the amazing violin (do you fellow ontders not have taste omg) and those lyrics i'm here definitely not wiping tears away

those last lyrics fucking HIT

this was beautiful. i still don't like her much but this was gorgeous
If you like the violin here you should check out her Copycat Killer EP, it has some songs from Punisher reworked with a string production from the same guy above. Chinese Satellite and Punisher (the song) in particular are STUNNING
thank you! i'll listen to them tonight
Can't wait until this twat gets cancelled for being a pathological liar.
Wait what's this??