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IATSE going on strike Monday if no deal reached

IASTE will go on strike Monday at 12:01 am if no deal is reached before then.

Union president Matthew Loeb stated Producers do not have any sense of urgency is getting a deal made and the union cannot sit around forever waiting for their needs to be met.

The major ask is that the union is seeking a 10-hour turnaround between shifts, with 54-hour turnaround for weekends. They are also seeking increased meal penalties against studios so that productions can actually stop and take a lunch break.

60,000+ members across the country will stop working and grind all of Hollywood to a hault if a strike occurs.

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It really sounds like they are gonna have to strike, which fucking sucks for everyone. The studios are not being reasonable at all.
such bullshit that their demands have not yet been met

best of luck to everyone striking
Imagine being pissy because your staff want to eat and rest.
Sounds like good old Capitalism to me. /s
sounds like every boss i've ever had tbh. and my last job was unionized too.


October 13 2021, 23:43:49 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 23:45:19 UTC

Reading IA_Stories on IG was horrifying. Women literally buying a water bottle and using it as their pee bottle like wtf.
Those demands look like basic human rights like wtf
These demands are so common sense. It sucks that there has to be a strike but if studios can't budge on this shit, it's what they deserve.
If they strike, what does that mean for the general public? What do we need to boycott to prevent from becoming scabs.
idk if there's a lot we can do in real time. it seems like if there's a strike most movie/tv production will stop. unless people cross the picket line, and then maybe it would be boycotting that stuff when it comes out? but that'll probably be after the strike ends, so idk that it would help.
It seems like it could possibly be like what happened with that writers strike in 2007-2008 when a lotttt of shows were delayed
I think productions will just be paused (other than non-union stuff -- so indies and commercials that don't employ any union crew or SAG actors).
Consider giving to any strike funds you see put up for the locals and if you live in a town that sees a lot of productions (not applicable to most of us, I know) you can join pickets if they occur.
You can't really scab unless you take an IATSE job while the strike is happening.
I've seen some member say don't cancel your streaming services because it will only make it look like the demand isn't there and one of the big issues is with the streaming content saying it's still too new to make any sort of regular rules and conditions, like healthcare and retirement funds.
so what you're saying is it's the perfect time for me to resubscribe to n*tflix and d+


4 days ago


4 days ago

We read books.

But seriously, it'll delay ALL union productions so we wait until the producers/studios give a decorum of better wages and working conditions for people other-wise seen as expendable.


October 13 2021, 23:19:53 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 23:21:11 UTC

The only thing I can think of that applies to the general public is concerts/other events that require stages, though these events are likely to be cancelled rather than non union workers being hired to set up for them. I believe the Teamsters are striking in solidarity, which makes it even more difficult to set up for these events without union members.

ETA: I'm honestly not 100% certain about any of this because I'm not very well versed on what the IATSE does, this is just what I've read on Twitter about concerts happening in the next few months.
Should be fighting for a 12 hour turnaround...
They were until their leader decided to be a bitch for no reason.
I know, it's so fucking disappointing. They have all the leverage and they fucked it up.
Welp....I needed a break anyway. I was kinda hoping everyone would just walk out at once during the day, but I'll take this. Hope someone texts me.

I can't believe (I mean I can but I can't) AMPTP won't budge. COME ON! It's billions of dollars we're talking about. Across the shows and movies still filming plus the lost box office and ad revenue. Do they think people aren't just going to stand up and walk out? We're all 2 mins away from doing that on a regular day. The 10-hour turnaround is nothing, but the 54-hour weekend turnaround is interesting. I'm too tired to do math and figure out how that would work.
So why did their shitty fucking leader betray the membership by making concessions behind their backs with no explanation???? I have zero confidence that this will end well, it feels like every week I hear a new story about useless union leaders and this is no different.
idk what the story is in this particular instance but negotiations are not open to all members. All members don't vote on what will be bargained and/or agreements. The bargaining team can bring a finished proposal for a membership vote but individual issues are not voted upon by the union at large.
The president of IATSE folded under pressure and decided that 14-hour shifts are acceptable even though the previous position was for 12 hours maximum. He didn't even give membership the basic decency of advance notice that he was gonna abandon one of their core demands, and (unless I've missed something today) he has yet to explain. That is pathetic and weak no matter what the technicalities are surrounding bargaining power.


4 days ago

The major ask is that the union is seeking a 10-hour turnaround between shifts, with 54-hour turnaround for weekends.

I can’t believe they have to strike for this, jfc. Such a fucked up industry
It is kind of fascinating that we seem to be stumbling towards an unintentional general(ish) strike. Kaiser Permanente nurses (35,000) are planning to strike, Kellogg's factory workers (1,400) are on strike, and with this strike, we could have close to 100,000 people on strike somewhat soon. Similar to the strike wave of 1945 - 1946. Hopefully we get the equivalent of United Steelworkers' 750,000 members going on strike soon. And hopefully we don't get an equivalent of the Taft-Hartley Act in response.
And one of the hospitals where all the nurses are on strike, they've hired scabs and already told the striking nurses they won't get their old jobs in their previous departments back because they're keeping the scabs, so...

https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/not-where-we-expected-be-massachusetts-nurses-strike-hits-7-n1281053 They've been on strike more than 7 months now!
its gonna sound silly but ive seen astrologers (who have been studying for decades) on tiktok predict this.
Thanks for the link and naming the Taft-Harley act which I didn't know about but looked up. Just forever cutting down workers' rights.
Imagine shutting down hundreds of productions because you don't want to give people lunch breaks, the ability to use the washroom in a timely fashion and enough time off of work so that people don't fall asleep behind the wheel and die driving home. All so studios get to keep what is really a small percentage of the overall profits.
There are penalties now for union members not getting lunch breaks but producers think it's cheaper to pay the penalties than break for half an hour.
i can't believe they haven't met their like, VERY understanding demands

fuck hollywood
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