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IATSE going on strike Monday if no deal reached

IASTE will go on strike Monday at 12:01 am if no deal is reached before then.

Union president Matthew Loeb stated Producers do not have any sense of urgency is getting a deal made and the union cannot sit around forever waiting for their needs to be met.

The major ask is that the union is seeking a 10-hour turnaround between shifts, with 54-hour turnaround for weekends. They are also seeking increased meal penalties against studios so that productions can actually stop and take a lunch break.

60,000+ members across the country will stop working and grind all of Hollywood to a hault if a strike occurs.

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i have friends in the industry (more behind the scenes ppl than anything) and it's honestly deplorable how shitty they get treated while all the actors and directors and producers make millions off of their backs. and it's honestly basic demands. just ridiculous that it even has to come to this.
There was a brilliant post going around that I will think about for a long time.

Studios, directors, producers, and actors need to realize they have crew full of artists and dreamers,not servants.

Also, follow @ia_stories on IG for all sorts of inner details and horror stories from industry folks: https://www.instagram.com/ia_stories/
I wish all of the union members well - I hope they don't have to strike but it seems likely.

These "demands" are so basic and simple - sad that these aren't mandated/legalized.
one of the other posts mentioned that if they strike, it won't affect canadian members, is that true? that seems kind of unfair that members in canada might have to continue to work, especially because there's so many productions going on here right now. wouldn't that mean some studios might just move even more productions to canada to continue to film?
that’s been my fear ever since i learned canada wasn’t affected tbh, that US producers are going to use canadian crews as unwilling scabs
It is sad, but I am not surprised. I work the back end for a popular fruity streaming platform and I am not union. So I have to be "okay" with the ridiculous shit they put us through. I am fighting tooth and nail to set better standards in my field so my team does not have to put up with bologna.
Their demands are so basic, I feel like studios/high profile execs/producers are hoping this will go away and they'll be able to resume business as usual, without anybody complaining about the inhumane conditions.

I wonder if those strikes are going to inspire crew members in other countries, since this isn't just a US problem, crews are overworked and underpaid everywhere.
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