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Jamie Lee Curtis Honors Her Late Mother With Iconic 'Psycho' Look for 'Halloween Kills' Premiere


Jamie Lee Curtis honored her late mother, Janet Leigh, at the costume party premiere for her film, Halloween Kills, held at TCL Chinese Theatre last night (Oct 12). Curtis arrived on the red carpet dressed as her mother's iconic character, Marion Crane from Psycho.

"I am honoring my beautiful late mama, Janet Leigh, but... it's a little more meta than that," Curtis told ET's Matt Cohen. "I am actually going as Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh in the movie Hitchcock. So it's meta because we never knew what color Janet Leigh's dress was because it was a black-and-white movie."

"But now because of the Hitchcock movie, we know it was pale blue," she continued, adding how she made sure to nail the costume. "And mommy did a little DIY art project the other day. I was worried you would see this and just think I looked like a '50s housewife. So I thought, you know, maybe I need a little bloody shower curtain."

She's serving, your honorCollapse )

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That's a fabulous cosplay
this is cute LOL


October 13 2021, 17:20:26 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 17:20:41 UTC

♥️ this!
I like that everyone's in a costume for the red carpet. Very appropriate for Halloween
yes making it a costume premiere was a super cute idea
i love her
in today I learned news...
please don't give up on me, ontd
Awe this is really cute
everyone learning Jaime Lee Curtis is daughter to Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis (and some not even knowing who the above 3 are)

An automatic ban for people here who don’t know JLC as an actress.
Awesome! I 💖 JLC and this is a strangely sweet tribute to her mom! 🎃
SMH at you young folks! Kids these days lol
JLC is so beautiful. this is so campy and cute. I love it.
JLC reminds me of the mom who is really laid back and cool when it comes to horror movies.

But man, every time I think of her, I realize I never want to be on the receiving end of her yelling at me. The images of when she is yelling at her kid gives me whiplash because it looks just like my mom when she yells at me.
lolol blumhouse really made all those sexual harassment stories disappear thanks to the covid hiatus huh
I love her.

But, I have to crack up at people who are like "I really hate nepotism, it's the worst, and it's an insidious beast without the fabric of film and should be eradicated.....but, at least she ADMITS IT!"

Like, what if we applied that logic to other things we consider bad? "Murder is the actual worst.....but, at least he confessed!" "I fucking hate cheaters....but at least he owned up to it!".
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