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Jamie Lee Curtis Honors Her Late Mother With Iconic 'Psycho' Look for 'Halloween Kills' Premiere


Jamie Lee Curtis honored her late mother, Janet Leigh, at the costume party premiere for her film, Halloween Kills, held at TCL Chinese Theatre last night (Oct 12). Curtis arrived on the red carpet dressed as her mother's iconic character, Marion Crane from Psycho.

"I am honoring my beautiful late mama, Janet Leigh, but... it's a little more meta than that," Curtis told ET's Matt Cohen. "I am actually going as Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh in the movie Hitchcock. So it's meta because we never knew what color Janet Leigh's dress was because it was a black-and-white movie."

"But now because of the Hitchcock movie, we know it was pale blue," she continued, adding how she made sure to nail the costume. "And mommy did a little DIY art project the other day. I was worried you would see this and just think I looked like a '50s housewife. So I thought, you know, maybe I need a little bloody shower curtain."

She's serving, your honorCollapse )

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Did Kyle do the splits on the red carpet??
Kyle “the splits” Richards
I listened to his new interview with Kyle, and he introduced her as Kyle the splits Richards! She laughed, but I wonder if she gets the mocking aspect?
Awww I really love that this was a costume party premiere
Movies that Made Us has an episode dedicated to the making of the OG. Super fun.

Deleted comment

Oooh, thanks for letting me know there’s new episodes! I really like that series.
This is very cute! I mostly know her from that set of pictures where she is angry at the airport (or something), so I am very surprised at how endearing her comments are. Very cute!
Is it when she’s drinking water? It’s from her chewing out her kid at a restaurant lmao
Yes! Omg this context is making them even funnier!
That ALWAYS sticks out in my head when it comes to her, lol. My mother and her make the same faces when they're bitching at me for something I did wrong. So I felt that glare.

You mostly know her from what is basically a meme?

I need to lie down.

I've never seen someone drinking water with such seething before


1 week ago


1 week ago

I forget she’s a nepotism doll, she’s so iconic on her own
Jamie and her mom in H20

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Also, jamie on why she did H20 and Resurrection (from 2012 before the current sequel trilogy was even a thought).

I wish Disney/Fox would only follow suit with the soft reboot and do Aliens that takes place after the 2nd movie. Ridley Scott’s Prometheus messes ruined that.
Yesss, love Jamie Lee!

Going to see it on Saturday with a friend I haven't seen since the whole pandemic started.
Omg Kyle is reprising her role from the first film, brilliant.

It took the trailer I JUST saw for me to know Kyle had an actual connection to the movie

I'm starting to really want to see this


October 13 2021, 16:42:30 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 16:46:12 UTC

Ok hear me out. A Halloween multi verse movie. Bring the universes of all the various timelines together. You can get Paul Rudd and josh hartnett and Michelle Williams and LL cool j and digital Donald Pleasance and Jamie and Jamie and Jamie and Jamie and William shatner and rob zombie and busta and Joseph Gordon levitt and then season of the witch cast.
this would be my avengers
This would honestly be incredible if they did it right lol
would also love if a woman was allowed to be involved creatively again for the first time since debra hill lol
Oooh, 'Halloween and the Multiverse of Murder'? I'm into it.
I went to a costume exhibit at the V&A years ago and there were a bunch of Alfred Hitchcock costumes. It was so cool
i love this
This is so great. I love Jamie Lee
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