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Adele Confirms 30 Release Date + Reveals Album Cover

Sad girl fall is among us... Adele just took to social media to reveal the stunning cover for her next studio album. The first single Easy On Me arrives on Friday.

30 will be released on November 19th 2021.
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Just in time for my seasonal depression to hit! Excellent.gif
Sad girl autumn is my favourite season. Being in our feelings amongst ghosts and vampires is life affirming.
LOL right? but I'm good, I just bought a fake sunrise clock from Five Below cause I'm not paying $100 for the Phillips one if it's not going to work.
I would’ve laughed if she pushed it to 1 week earlier to mess with Taylor, but we can’t have nice things


October 13 2021, 14:21:49 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 14:26:03 UTC

That would have been delicious but it's not Adele's style.
I can't even enjoy this gif anymore because taylor has won two (3????) AOTYs and doesn't deserve them, so not winning against Adele is nothing compared to her being over rewarded
Same. I wanted to see who would "win"; Adele is more universally liked but Red is Taylor's best album (and a fan favourite)


4 days ago


4 days ago

She wouldn't dare, she's releasing on the Taurus Eclipse!
yassss queen! finally!

Yay! It'll be nice to break up the Christmas music with her stuff.
this still has me dying + the face she makes at the end.

We need another Instagram live for the album release
the clips taken from this live had me dying
the meme potential this has.


4 days ago

what IS that question thought? What's it mean? lol


4 days ago


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2 days ago


4 days ago

When I worked at Barnes & Noble, we played 21 on loop multiple times a day so thanks to that, my brain has been programmed to hear her voice as nails on a chalkboard 😩 can’t deny that she’s talented, though! And absolutely gorgeous.
I loved the album until my roommate discovered it and did the same thing at home. By the end of the year, I never wanted to hear an Adele song again.
Adele PTSD Support Group 😭
I used to work at an art gallery and one day for SOME REASON my boss had Rolling In The Deep on repeat all day. Just that one song. And two summers previous, I had worked at a rock camp where I taught piano and the song we taught bc it was simple enough for 8 year olds lol was ROLLING IN THE DEEP so every day for four weeks, I was teaching one on one this kid with ADHD the first like ten notes of Rolling In The Deep bc he just couldn't get it. So I feel you bb, my... Issues with Adele run.......deep


4 days ago


4 days ago


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4 days ago

i worked at the barnes & noble cafe and SAME. it ruined that album for me minus a couple of songs so good that not even hearing them on constant loop for years and associating them with the smell of steamed milk could kill them.


4 days ago

ontd, what's your favorite adele cover?


October 13 2021, 14:27:07 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 14:27:53 UTC

frankly, none, but 21 is the most iconic
19 is the most aesthetically pleasing to me.
21 is the most compositionally pleasing to me
If 21 had just a LIL more dead space around her, it would be perfect. Why are all her albums so crowded!

and i love that she's so famous she doesn't need a title on the album now. you just KNOW.

25 pelada

wait, this is the confirmed album cover and not just a promo image? eesh

I like 21 but it maybe leans a little corporate looking - that font looks like the address on a recently flipped house
Not that I don't like it, but 21 looks like she's scratching her head.
None are great but 30 is the worst!! The bronzer is so bad!
Her next album will be the back of her head as she is slowly turning around
i love 25. 19 is my least fave because it's just basically her bangs lol

Re: ontd, what's your favorite adele cover?


October 13 2021, 20:58:50 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 21:01:47 UTC

19 easy, best music too

hate the font and the green on 21, 25 is giving alicia keys as i am but fug and 30 is a weird angle with a fug background
I don’t love any of them, but 19 is my fave

30 is my least fave if that really is the cover
I'm pretty meh about this

(in a sad way)
for all she's really on my nerves this year, I appreciate that she's releasing the first single & album so close together
this is perfect timing my life has absolutely fallen apart ✨🔥
right? I was like well at least this years’ soundtrack is sorted.
Same I am hitting rock bottom tbh
I just love that Adele had Taylor Swift shaking in her boots.
i am excited! and i’m glad she continued with the ages

19 > 25 > 21
I cant believe she had a kid, marriage, divorce and lost half her body weight in 5 years and I couldnt even get a good skin care routine down.
Well, it fits with the aesthetic of her covers but I don't like it lol, too simple? I don't know.
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