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Adele Confirms 30 Release Date + Reveals Album Cover

Sad girl fall is among us... Adele just took to social media to reveal the stunning cover for her next studio album. The first single Easy On Me arrives on Friday.

30 will be released on November 19th 2021.
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i don't like the cover but i will be streaming
I'm super excited! Her and Florence + the Machine's music is perfect to listen to while driving
God I need another Florence album stat. If I had a cassette of HAH, I would've worn it out by now.
It's been 3 years (つ﹏<)・゚。 I need new FATM.
Please be good!
Make this the cover
She looks so nice. She really wears makeup well.
Her glam team never lets her down
This would've made a far better cover. The wasted potential
Someone added this one on the blue background.

she’s so fucking GORGEOUS
The cover photo is very bold and daring. Is this a new wave or alternative music album?
I like Adele, think she is gorgeous, and wish her all the best. But i will not be tuning in for this. Her last album was the biggest disappointment I experienced with musicians work ever :(
At least she’s experimenting with colour?
Girl, blend that contour. It looks like a bruise.
Looks boring, just as the 30s are.
It looks kinda CGI-ish
She's one of the few celebrities that I can't stand her music, but I love her so much so I root for ha.

My love life is in shambles so I can’t wait for this!
She was so adamant about not naming another album after her age but it’s part of her brand + requires 0 creativity lol
I was listening to 21 recently and whew what a good single run. Also 2011 was such a fun time in pop music.
So she lied about being done with numbers.
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