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Adele Confirms 30 Release Date + Reveals Album Cover

Sad girl fall is among us... Adele just took to social media to reveal the stunning cover for her next studio album. The first single Easy On Me arrives on Friday.

30 will be released on November 19th 2021.
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She is stunning as usual... i don't know if I LOVE the cover but I am SO HAPPY ADELE SEASON IS IN FULL SWING!!
Why isn’t the album called 33? Adele isn’t 30 tho,
her albums are named after the age she started writing them.
Oh, so she’s been planning this album for like 4 years now


6 days ago

i can't believe she believes in the "saturn return" crap, tho

I love her reaction faces
LMAO someone didn't integrate their lessons 👀
Maybe she'll get some coins and can finally buy herself the small house she's been dreaming of.
Stunning woman, boring cover as usual.
I can't believe I used to get her and Rebel Wilson mixed up

I don’t like it… I LOVE it!

adele you were supposed to release on the 12 so i could watch swifties meltdown on twitter
I thought she said she wasn’t gonna name her albums after her age anymore
Just in time for Sag season, baby!
What do we think her first week sales will be like? If there’s anyone left who could still get one million pure sales in their first week it’s Adele.
It will be well over 1 million. Didn't 25 sell 5 mil in the first week?
It sold 3.8 million, which even then seemed unimaginable, but honestly things have changed a lot, like back then, she didn't put 25 on streaming services, which definitely helped with sales, but I don't know if she can do that now, a lot more people use streaming services now, and a lot less buy music.
I still think she'll get 1+ million sales, and probably break all kinds of streaming records.


6 days ago

okay but like... is she really going to continue the age thing into her 30s??? 30 kinda makes sense because at least it's different enough numerically from 21 and 25, and 21 and 25 were pushing it but at least most people recognize that one's life often changes dramatically between those ages

but a string of albums called 30, 33, and 37 would be too much lol
Why? Just curious
Can’t wait for the interviews.

“So how’s it feel to produce album number 44?”
“You mean 72?”
“As in your 44th album.”
“Oh it’s great, just like number 39.”
“You mean 57?”
Just in time for true hoodie weather
Let me get in my feels
title or description
Give me another River Lea.
River Lea deserved to be a single
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