funhouse (funhouse) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Jesy Nelson open to dating 'masculine woman'

  • Jesy hasn't had much luck with men so is 'open' to dating women

  • Her sister is a 'masculine' lesbian

  • She would only date a 'masculine' woman, but apparently there aren't many out there

  • Likes a 'big man' to make her feel 'cute and small'


I am sorry if I have submitted this 100 times I don't know how the new editor works
Tags: black celebrities, lgbtq / rights, little mix

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Why does her head look so big and round?

Is it fillers?
it's so disgusting to see comments like this when the girl was literally suicidal because of people bullying her for her appearance
It sounds like she only wants to date women who remind her of the men she usually dates, mess.
first the black fishing, now QUEER BAITING?!?!

apparently there aren't many out there

they are AVOIDING you
I mean we haven’t heard this from her in all the years Jade has been supporting the LGBTQ+ community (arguably to the point of commodification really) so I don’t think this is true. As said, she just wants someone big and strong to make her feel pretty and teeny weeny.

Just read the comments, step away from the studio and the tanning booth and go to therapy, for the love of god
could you not find a bah bah boi, uk baddie?
“Butch is in the eye of the beholder” is now a repetitive, intrusive thought now so I’m going to put it here to get it out
yess girl, keep digging your grave
She is so fucking exhausting, my god.
I know she's full of shit but, there's like a million studs out here who would happily show her a good time, so her acting like they're hard to find just means she was never looking in the first place.
fuck you, us lesbians dont want your ass. the nerve of this also sick of people who only see lesbians as people they wanna fuck/sexual objects to experiment and nothing else.
I don't think they want you though...
is she attending Demi-nary school? because that's all this constant attention whoring is reminding me of. Demi Fucking Lovato jr.
"Likes a 'big man' to make her feel 'cute and small'"

Lmao me before i knew i had BD
what a PR mess of a week for her
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