funhouse (funhouse) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Jesy Nelson open to dating 'masculine woman'

  • Jesy hasn't had much luck with men so is 'open' to dating women

  • Her sister is a 'masculine' lesbian

  • She would only date a 'masculine' woman, but apparently there aren't many out there

  • Likes a 'big man' to make her feel 'cute and small'


I am sorry if I have submitted this 100 times I don't know how the new editor works
Tags: black celebrities, lgbtq / rights, little mix

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I’m curious about what her definition of masculinity is, like is it only woman at or around 5ft8 with short hair or is she also open to women who mistrust other women but will close ranks if their friends are accused of doing something wrong?
that’s exactly where my mind went too
seek help
she just keeps shooting herself in the foot lmao. GOOD
i think there's something to be said about women questioning their sexuality and wanting to explore a relationship with another woman while still falling under comphet influences and therefore wanting to be with only ~masculine~ woman without realizing how gross that sounds.

do i think jesy nelson falls under that category? hell no, lmao. she's just sticking her foot in her mouth again and again. celebrities?
She needs to stop. Just get up and walk way. Smell the trees or look at the sky and realize her dumbassery (the least of her problem).
-Jesy hasn't had much luck with men so is 'open' to dating women

-Her sister is a 'masculine' lesbian

-She would only date a 'masculine' woman, but apparently there aren't many out there

How did we go from her sister being a masculine lesbian to Jesy wanting to date a masculine lesbian?

That's just 😬😬😬😬
Sorry, the transition was:

* Hasn't had luck with men, 'open' to women
* Sister is a 'masculine lesbian'
* Sister is married to a 'feminine lesbian'
* She wouldn't want a feminine woman partner, only a masculine one
It's not your fault. The transition was awkward but I could see her pulling that to be shocking tbh.
damn, her debut has been a colossal mess. I knew it was gonna be messy but damn I DID NOT expect it to be this huge news story. TBH, I really like the production of the song but it would've been better with a different singer and rapper. I would've enjoyed it with Normani and Meg
but would they date YOU lmao
God what a racist homophobic piece of shit
If she were smart, she'd quiet down, send out some cutesy PR about ~learning and growing~, revamp her album to be whitebread singer-songwriter/indie-esque and maybe she'd have a chance at saving her image.

Not that she'd deserve it :/
I mean, if she were smart she would have shed the fake tan during her time in LM
Probably very much the wrong post to write this in... I'm like 95% sure I'm straight, but there have been a couple of masculine/butch women that made me go, welll, daaamn in the past. I'm not sure what to make of that. It feels like (genuine?) sexual attraction, but since I'm almost always attracted to men, the bi label does not seem to fit.

Maybe I'm just a simple woman who likes her men feminine and her women masculine.
I'm a bi woman who prefers feminine men and masculine women. It's a thing.
thanks for replying! It's good to know I'm not alone lol
Femininity should be allowed to be more than petite and small and ~girly in a dress~ but ok.
my sister and I worked with a chick like this. after years of bad luck with men, she was a lesbian now! except she dated the most boyish-looking woman I've ever seen, and told my sister about how sex was "the Jess show" where she just sat back and enjoyed, never ate pussy, and often had her girlfriend use a strap-on.
I'm one of those straight women who wishes could be with another woman, because I just can't with men. But I like dick, I'm not sexually attracted to women at all and I would never trick someone into something like this. It's vile.
I truly DESPISE her entire promo tour.

Like, it doesn't even make me want to hate-listen to her music out of grim curiosity (like Taylor Swift). It just makes me want to rage.
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