funhouse (funhouse) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Jesy Nelson open to dating 'masculine woman'

  • Jesy hasn't had much luck with men so is 'open' to dating women

  • Her sister is a 'masculine' lesbian

  • She would only date a 'masculine' woman, but apparently there aren't many out there

  • Likes a 'big man' to make her feel 'cute and small'


I am sorry if I have submitted this 100 times I don't know how the new editor works
Tags: black celebrities, lgbtq / rights, little mix

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My god, just stop.
god I hate her


October 13 2021, 14:42:13 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 14:55:26 UTC

did she always overshare like this in LM? (genuine question lol, i checked out of UK girl bands when GA disbanded)


October 13 2021, 15:27:36 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 15:28:12 UTC

tbf yes, i feel like they were kinda known for being the least pr-trained pop act for a while and Jesy in particular*, so they've all said some stupid shit over the years... the other girls seem to be capable of learning though.

*to the point of cutesy videos such as this one titled Little Mix Wishing Jesy Nelson Was Born With A Zip On Her Mouth :

i watched that video a couple days ago and had to stop cause i feel like there were so many sex jokes that made the other girls uncomfortable. like dude you're in an interview not in a living room hanging out...
like i know this person made this video as a joke but it genuinely seemed like she was crossing lines
At times yes, but most of the time the other members would have to stop her before she said something stupid.
she is so vile EUGH


October 13 2021, 14:49:14 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 14:50:13 UTC

Can't decide who is more annoying at this point - Jesy or Demi Lovato.
At least the people Demi is representing aren't bothering us (Aliens).
Demi can be annoying but at least they have the argument of strokes post drug overdose to explain any reduced capacity. Jesy is just a nightmare
we don't need anymore pillow princesses looking for a woman to be both mommy and daddy for your myriad of issues, ma'am. ugh.
She could’ve taken this separation, time away, and documentary to really just pretend she was trash because of all her Little Mix insecurities. Some people would’ve bought it and she could’ve ~emerged new and had some success. Glad she’s showing her stupidity.
Can she go away
I've had enough of her
please shut up
another day of needing Perrie's reactionary laugh as a gif
She should be open to releasing non-flops, but here we are
Messy Nelson.
we dont want u.
as someone with anxiety idk how people with serious mental health issues like her can have a job in the public eye. having people tear me apart (YES she deserves every bit of it) would make it so i could never sleep again. idk how people do jobs that revolve around everyone talking about them. anonymity is such a gift unless you're kimmy k or like her. for some people any attention is good attention but if i was being dogpiled with negative attention i think i'd die.
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