funhouse (funhouse) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Jesy Nelson open to dating 'masculine woman'

  • Jesy hasn't had much luck with men so is 'open' to dating women

  • Her sister is a 'masculine' lesbian

  • She would only date a 'masculine' woman, but apparently there aren't many out there

  • Likes a 'big man' to make her feel 'cute and small'


I am sorry if I have submitted this 100 times I don't know how the new editor works
Tags: black celebrities, lgbtq / rights, little mix

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It's enough Jessica.
She seems like one of those people who lacks a personality so she just latches on to whatever is trendy at the time
People like that always creep me out, like they're just a blank person who needs to adopt someone else's personality to fill themselves in.
Same, and it screams insecurity. they want to be liked so bad they'll basically ascribe to whatever gets them the most attention
I once heard it described as human tofu and it's just the most perfect phrase. Soaking up the flavour of whoever's around them.


1 week ago


1 week ago

Ah yes, the Ashley from Degrassi syndrome.
It really is something new and infuriating every day with this blackfishing Bratz doll. Every day!

the lesbians hate her too. i know this is probably tabloid fake but i'm loving this career self-immolation. if i didn't know any better, i would think this is performance art.
She needs to fire her team...but then she would have nobody left 😔

Gdi, Jesy.
fire her team starting with herself
I can understand having a type but like.... this isn't you having a type, this is you manipulating people for your own gain and frankly feels like the early 2000s where a certain now former star claimed that she wasn't a lesbian because she never went down on her girlfriend of the time.
jessie j?
Lindsay Lohan. There were a lot of rumours about it at the time. I'm disappointed but not surprised that multiple people have said things along these lines.
Lesbians aren't dolls you play with, you toad. The more I find out about this bird the less I like her. She's fast becoming "bitch eating crackers" levels of irritation with me whereas before I was indifferent.
women aren't open to dating her
She really needs to stop talking
Anything to change the conversation. She's vile.
nicki taught ha
nicki's strategy isn't even working. everyone at this point knows she's doing this to hide news about her husband. all the comments on social media have called this out, so she needs to stop.


1 week ago

These kind of straight girl statements are such cringey and eyeroll worthy cries for attention.
...and this is why the media continues to fetishize bi women and give a platform to utter fucking bs.

Shut up. Go back to the bottom of charts. Leave us alone.
She has a lesbian sister and this is the nonsense she comes up with? I do think sexuality can be pretty fluid but this is less fluidity than dumbness and I am very tired of straight women talking about how they might as well go bi or lesbian because they're not having any luck with men. No one wants to be your consolation prize that you're not even into, thanks.

She's really single-handedly keeping up lj's user stats this month isn't she. Lmao, I can't remember this much extended coverage over a single person/issue in such a short span of time than when Hiddleswift happened.
Why would you even talk about this in an interview? Seek help.
Because she obviously needs therapy.
she needs so much therapy
her publicist said:


1 week ago

nooooo holy shit
Damn. Reevaluate yo self and get some serious help, gurl
Sad, doesn't explain the blackfishing.
I wish she would leave the spotlight and get help. This is really sad and she’s going into her 30s. No sense in having two unhappy decades with a bunch of unresolved issues.
Her lips must be so blown out and malformed. Like when Kylie went "back to her normal lips" and then started doing extreme over lining and fillers again, I rly don't think these women CAN stop the fillers because they have permanent swollen upper lips. Good job, idiot, to chase your perverted race bending dream, you've completely ruined your face.
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