funhouse (funhouse) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Jesy Nelson open to dating 'masculine woman'

  • Jesy hasn't had much luck with men so is 'open' to dating women

  • Her sister is a 'masculine' lesbian

  • She would only date a 'masculine' woman, but apparently there aren't many out there

  • Likes a 'big man' to make her feel 'cute and small'


I am sorry if I have submitted this 100 times I don't know how the new editor works
Tags: black celebrities, lgbtq / rights, little mix

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Lol wow she’s just throwing any shit at the wall to see what sticks for the clicks, huh?
There aren't many out there???

I don't even know what to make of that. Anyway I wonder who we will be more sick of by end of 2021, her or Demi

Also, does anyone else not have a type? I can honestly say I am attracted to all types of people. And I can't quite wrap my mind around the idea of having a "type"
my only type is glasses. i think most people look way more attractive in glasses. other than that its very all over the place in terms of race, height, body type/size.
While I do have a soft spot for my nerd and art boys I generally don't have a type either.
i've noticed certain features attract me to someone more but overall the only thing i really need anyone to be is nerdy lol
same, at least on grounds of physical features. i do like people who are assertive
I like dark hair. Beyond that, I don't really care. I grew up in an area with a high population of Latin people & most of my exes have been of Latin descent as a result (I'm white,) but other than dark hair, my exes have very little in common.

I've dated a couple blondes, but I usually have to know someone first to be attracted to them if they're blonde.


October 13 2021, 15:32:18 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 15:35:41 UTC

My only physical ‘type’ is dark hair. I mostly go for hipster types in terms of interest. Especially black hipster dudes because I am black and would prefer someone of the same race (I’m very open though). But most black hipster guys I come across have a set type and it usually doesn’t include black girls so…
Fucking this.


October 13 2021, 16:44:41 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 16:44:55 UTC

the only thing i can say is that i'm typically attracted to people with darker hair but not even that is universally true. i'm also bi so like, i can maybe say i like men who are taller than me but idc about a woman's height. i'm all over the place.


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1 week ago

I used to have a type (over 6 foot, dark hair, swimmers build) but idk, once I hit my late 20s I said 'fuck it' and just went for people I clicked with

One of the hottest dudes I ever fucked was only 5'9"

I found that once I stopped going for dudes based on what they looked like, my relationships were better and more fulfilling
idk but i do seem to have a type: very tall men, dark hair, with facial hair, glasses are a plus, medium built. sadly that type has never liked me back ahah so it doesnt work out
i did notice i like tall women with square jaws and great shoulder blades. jade cargill tbh.


1 week ago

I don't necessarily have a type, I just am more attracted to people who look different than me. I'm short, blonde, white (wwaaay too white like sickly white) and I swooned when I first saw my future fiance, he's the opposite of all that mess.
I tend to date men with the personality of James Garner or Taran Killam.
i do find myself more attracted to femininity, which i suppose is a type??? but technically i don't have a "type" of woman i like
Literally none of the people I've been in relationships with or had crushes on seem to have anything much in common
I don't have a strict type, but I do have types who are objectively good looking who I'm not attracted to.
same. i'm attracted to so many different types of people, when it comes to physical appearance.
As a Mixer who has preferred women for 20 years...

... not interested.
Likes a 'big man' to make her feel 'cute and small'

it's cute how she keeps telling the world how bad her body disporia really is. even her romantic partners needs to be a certain way so she doesn't feel inadequate.

instead of treating her body issues, she isolated herself from her successful job and is now surrounded with yes-man so she can keep feeding her ilusions. nice work, Jessica!
I just had a major epiphany from your comment. A couple of my friends are always talking about their preferences for buffer and taller dudes so they feel small. They definitely have body dysmorphia but for some reason, I never put two and two together (I'm an idiot, apparently). I always wondered what the fascination with feeling small with a dude was about. I get it now.
I like feeling small as well, but I think it's because it makes me feel safe in a way?


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1 week ago

I'm the opposite, I like to feel tall. I feel like I'm taken more seriously when I wear high heels or high heeled boots.


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1 week ago

Camila Cabello watching Jesy reveal herself to be the dumbest, most obnoxious former girl band member this quickly

What the hell is that top? Did LulaRoe do a line of sweaters?
she must have gotten it from the same place disney channel shops
yeah, no, Camila is still worse with the shit she pulled, including literal slurs, and I'm definitely not saying this out of sympathy for Jesy


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1 week ago


October 13 2021, 13:44:25 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 13:44:58 UTC

usually i’d be like whatever sexuality is fluid, but like a month ago she was doing the “i wish i was into women at all because life would be so much easier!” bit in an interview, which is exhausting to hear from straight women (lesbophobia exists, it is not fun or easy). leave us out of your obvious and desperate deflection
Ugh I hate that shit. I had a huge crush on a girl like that right out of high school(I did not love my self obviously). She would say shit like that all the time. We hooked up a few time and she was always super weird after but was the one initiating anything we would do. then she broke my heart by dating the guy I had previously been I love with. I realize now it was self hatred on her part but it fucked me up and any time I hear a woman say that shit I get so viscerally triggered.
*insert Whoopi Goldberg ok gif*

She's the gift that keeps giving. How long will it take for her to complain about her being cancelled?

someone in a post yesterday said it's like she's trying to be the worst and this confirms it. honey it's not 2011! fake queerness ain't cute!!


October 13 2021, 13:46:07 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 13:46:37 UTC

this gif is making me lose it every fucking time


October 13 2021, 20:51:53 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 20:52:15 UTC

And a matching icon now too!!!
I had to dust an old one off for this post lol
A butch lesbian is still a woman and as long as you're straight, you'll end up with a man and a butch lesbian does not need you to have an experiment with her!

Like?! I'm trying my hardest to not get offended since I'm a straight (I think?) cis woman but this is so stupid!
Not her trying to distract from Nicki's distracting. I don't know if her team is in shambles over this mess but I HOPE SO. I hope this nightmare of a rollout is HELL for them so that when it eventually ends she has to defend herself and what Nicki is doing 'on her behalf'
please tell me her solo career will flop
her song is sold out on itunes
I mean apple users have terrible taste. what's new
How do you sell out on iTunes?
This entire fucking thread is KILLING MEEEEEE
the paypal charts are SHAKING!
Learning from her new bestie, I see! I guess this is a better distraction attempt than spreading COVID misinformation? No one will die from this form of dumbassery. Boy, the bar is low.
so basically she wants a stone butch to use as her personal sex toy. lol her sister must be loving hearing jesy talking about how she wants to fetishize lesbians like her
not with those nails
Zibby bringing facts to the table!

Altho with or without them nails is still a no from the bi snake community. Waiting to hear the lesbian community rejecting her blackfishing ass too
lmao this meme keeps showing up in my social media feeds:

i've always had this thought when cardi b talked about having sex with women.
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