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Angelina Jolie & Jonny Lee Miller Out For Dinner Again

The Daily Mail is reporting that Angelina Jolie went out for dinner with her ex-husand, Jonny Lee Miller, Monday night in Beverly Hills, California.

Rumours started circling about the two earlier this year when Jolie was spotted leaving Jonny Lee Miller's apartment in NYC back in June amid her ongoing divorce battle with Brad Pitt.

Jolie has also been seen going out for dinner with The Weeknd, with whom she has apparently formed a close bond.

This is my Bennifer 2.0 tbh
Tags: angelina jolie, british celebrities, hollywood hookup, rumors / gossip

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If she's feeling nostalgic for her exes it could be worse. God forbid she starts up with Billy Bob Thornton again.
Her and Johnny have been friends all along though. It's just probably more exciting now that she's also seen with Abel

I think it's nice they've maintained a friendship all these years. I can't imagine going out to dinner with an ex turned friend and having it become a headline but I guess it makes for a good chuckle.
God forbid the woman eat in the presence of a penis owner.
I mean at least it's not Billy Bob.
ngl i always loved them together
at this point I like their friendship way more than any romance she's had since, a true OTP imo
I can't believe it's been 5 years since the airplane incident and Brangelina aren't ever divorced yet.
5 years!? 😮
I only follow him on IG for his cat. That's all I have to contribute to this post.
omg, his name is Popcorn awww
Okay, THIS reunion I could get behind. He was the best of her (male) exes imo
Bennifer's impact.
Abel, your move.
They’ve maintained a friendship for years why is this news
bc they're both hot and we need this
cause they're both finally single at the same time

I love them both tbh except for the time I kept thinking he was Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.

JLM seems like a cool dude

man how does she make the face masks look so glam (besides "being angelina jolie" I guess lol)
isnt he married anyways?
He got divorced in 2018. I learned because I was just looking at his Insta. LOL
That's sad though!


4 days ago

came here to mention this, bc I remember Benedict kind of shading him and saying he (JLM) has to keep his wife in fashionable clothes or something.

sad to hear they've split
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