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Angelina Jolie & Jonny Lee Miller Out For Dinner Again

The Daily Mail is reporting that Angelina Jolie went out for dinner with her ex-husand, Jonny Lee Miller, Monday night in Beverly Hills, California.

Rumours started circling about the two earlier this year when Jolie was spotted leaving Jonny Lee Miller's apartment in NYC back in June amid her ongoing divorce battle with Brad Pitt.

Jolie has also been seen going out for dinner with The Weeknd, with whom she has apparently formed a close bond.

This is my Bennifer 2.0 tbh
Tags: angelina jolie, british celebrities, hollywood hookup, rumors / gossip

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I think he posted a throwback photo of them together a few months or years back? The pandemic made me lose the sense of time. LOL He calls her Angie. I looked at his Insta and apparently, it was posted in September 2020.

They could be together, maybe should be together but I doubt it. Jonny Lee Miller looks so... normal.
i know they've remained friends all these years, but i wouldn't mind this reunion. they were so cute together.

and hackers is one of the most delightfully 90s thing ever.
Omg, I need to watch this. What is that hair and those shoulder pads? Is he wearing a leather tie with an armor? And floppy disks? What era is this? Although... if you wanna talk privacy, there's nothing more private than floppy disks since nobody has those drives anymore, lol.
it's like 1995
watch Trainspotting too, he's got a similar look
The acting is even better than the outfits
I could watch Hackers anytime. It's so stylish and stupid in a very enjoyable way.


1 week ago

I love this movie so much
Much better choice than the Weekday.
Yes. wholeheartedly approved. Go ahead!
everytime I see them together I automatically remember hackers. And 90s punk matthew lillard was making rounds on my dash this days. Nostalgia is hitting hard folks.
matthew lillard in slc punk was >>>>


October 14 2021, 01:40:04 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 14 2021, 01:42:18 UTC

Truly. The post making rounds had him as Stevo, cereal and a dude from senseless that I don't remember. That made me put 13 ghosts on my halloween month list.
I never watched Hackers, so I don't know anything about this guy but seeing the throwback photo in the article, wow, it's really always a beautiful woman and some average looking balding white dude getting to be leads.
You should really watch it; it's fun!
I'll check it out!


1 week ago

It's funny to me he looked more attractive as Sick Boy in Trainspotting.


1 week ago


1 week ago

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Hack the planet!!!!
Reconnecting and connecting with new people is my favorite step after breaking up with a flame
omg I think this is how my roomate feels when he sees Bennifer together and I'm LOVING IT.

2004? i thought they got divorced 1999
They got back together (or became friends with benefits, idk) after she divorced Billy Bob
I live their friendship and this is a reminder I gotta finish Emma so I can watch his miniseries lmao.
Maybe her ass is just hungry?
He endeared himself to me so much as Sherlock, as long as he never opens his mouth and lets stupid spill out, he'll be a catch in my book. He also runs a lot for charity, which is really nice.
Elementary is one of my all time fav shows!!!
1000% this.
Great Mr. Knightly, too.
Love this for her. JLM is my favorite actor and seems like the least terrible out of her exes
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