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Coroner Reveals Cause of Gabby Petito's Death

A Teton County coroner has revealed the cause and manner of Gabby Petito's death and how long her body lay in the Wyoming countryside.

Details behind the cut. [Warning, violence]The cause of death was strangulation, the manner was homicide, and her body lay in the woods for 3-4 weeks before discovery.

Her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, allegedly fled from his parents' home in Florida shortly after authorities began searching for Gabby. The couple was traveling by van across the Western U.S.

Tags: internet celebrities, men are weak, true crime

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People are really exaggerating his "survival" skills. Camping is a skill but traveling by trails, sleeping at or near camping sites, and having access to stores for food and supplies is completely different than surviving in the wild while in hiding (aka can't do any of those things). We all know the ending to Into the Wild. He's either dead by suicide or hiding in someone's basement. Either way I hope he rots. Gabby deserved so much better.
Her dad set up a foundation in her name to help victims of domestic violence, reading that made me tear up.
devastating. i hope he’s suffering right now if he’s not already dead.
love to anyone who has or is dealing with domestic violence <3
This reminds me of a case we had in Chicago where this guy was walking down the street and he saw a Eastern European and Egyptian guy having trouble with their bike and he stopped to ask them if they needed help and those assholes beat him to death with the bike chain. :( They caught the E.E. dude after a week but the Egyptian dude parents stonewalled and then people found out that they somehow got him back to Egypt to escape justice. Someone took video of him in a club in Cairo and the dead guy's parents were so disgusted.

Anyway, those parents remind me of this dude's parents. Either they smuggled him out of the country during early days, or he's hiding on their property. They know where the fuck he's at. Has their property even been searched yet?
My bad, they sent him to Syria, not Egypt and the Syrian government doesn't extradite people. The killing happened near where I live and the guy who was killed was extremely well-known and liked so it was very upsetting. My point was never underestimate parents who want to keep their kids safe, even though they do horrible things.
I want him to be found alive. So then both he and his parents can suffer the consequences of their pure evil actions. They are so vile.
I hope a bear eats him
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