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Adele Claims She Can't Afford to Live in London

Poor Adele! She recently purchased three houses in Los Angeles for a total of $30 million, but London was simply too expensive for her!

According to her, “The kind of house I have in L.A. I could never afford in London. Ever.”

Her homes in L.A. total 18,000 square feet (5,486 meters) combined. She simply couldn't settle for 17,000 square feet in London!

Can you afford real estate in your city, ONTD?

Yes, I already own property you peasant
Maybe someday!
Nope, nope, nope

Tags: adele, british celebrities, celebrity real estate, eat the rich

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October 13 2021, 06:52:02 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 06:58:57 UTC


theres a literal palace like 12 miles out of the city centre
also she lives alone with her kid

she can just say she wanted to move to la but she wont because she wants to stay relatable! and london!

but not ontd spinning this like she adele a multimillionaire was impacted by the london housing crisis and being like london real estate is insane
yeah not for her lmao

Deleted comment

That's not a house in London. It's in an entirely different county - and while it is absolutely nuts that for the sake of those 12 miles the price tag varies so wildly, that's the real estate market for you.
Adele. She's just like us.
Yes, but only because of joining my Dad on a mortgage, then inheriting his half when he died over 10 years ago. Not a chance I’d own a house otherwise considering how expensive it can be.
"Can you afford real estate in your city, ONTD?"

My parents have flats, my dad is a landlord. So, I guess? BUT there's a good chance that he'll disown me in a year or so, so no. LOL
my sister and her boyfriend are homeowners. i'm struggling to even find a decent flat share :/
the joys of living an hour outside of london


October 13 2021, 08:05:01 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 08:09:10 UTC

umm plenty of rich and famous ppl raise their families in London

yes, you won’t find sprawling acreage in Mayfair but like, listen to how you sound, people are out of work and can’t afford to pay rent

my husband and I rent but we don’t see the benefit of buying rn unless we move to Stockholm, rental queues are insane in Sweden so we don’t really want to buy unless we move to a larger city—also there’s nothing like FHA here, you must have 15% of the purchase price in cash in order to get a home loan
...isn't Los Angeles more expensive than London?
I doubt I'll ever be able to afford a house unless I get married. I have property but only cos my parents helped with the deposit.
she's a dumbass. anyone buying a mansion can stfu.
A lot of projecting going on in this thread. She didn't say she's poor or can't afford to live in London, just that she can't afford the same house in London, which tells you a lot about the housing market in London.
Maybe with another bubble popping I'll be able to own estate. But also.. not sure if I even want to?
This is her way back in 2011 complaining about having to pay an exorbitant amount of tax on her gazillions.

Get Your Tiny Violin Ready.
It's out of touch/very overprivileged for rich people to be talking about expensive purchases/lifestyles in the current climate, but I don't know why anyone's acting like she was being woe is me about it. (It's only a minority of people, but still). She's not suggested she couldn't still have a very nice lifestyle in London, only compared like for like prices for the property type/lifestyle she wants and corrected the interviewer's assumption about her ability to drop 9 figures on real estate. Can't speak for the latter but the former's not inaccurate.

Which... you do then come back it's in poor taste/overprivileged to be discussing expensive lifestyles at all right now, but I find it weird that she's been interpreted even by a minority like she said London would have her living in penury
Never gonna afford it in Seoul, so I'm saving up for a tiny piece of land in the countryside, I'll retire there😂
House prices are around $700k for a regular house (including townhouses) and over $1M for a large house. It is crazy to me people can afford that.
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