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Adele Claims She Can't Afford to Live in London

Poor Adele! She recently purchased three houses in Los Angeles for a total of $30 million, but London was simply too expensive for her!

According to her, “The kind of house I have in L.A. I could never afford in London. Ever.”

Her homes in L.A. total 18,000 square feet (5,486 meters) combined. She simply couldn't settle for 17,000 square feet in London!

Can you afford real estate in your city, ONTD?

Yes, I already own property you peasant
Maybe someday!
Nope, nope, nope

Tags: adele, british celebrities, celebrity real estate, eat the rich

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I can only afford my house because I have a software engineer husband. If I was on my own, I'd still be saving up for a down payment on a mortgage that would take advantage of every single government program I could find and desperately hoping someone's grandma dies to I can buy her teeny little 750 sqft house that hasn't had any maintenance done on it since 2003 when her husband died.

Adele can fuck right the fuck off with her bullshit. 18,000 sqft. I don't even think my office building is that big.
My husband’s coworker used to joke the housing market keeps the tech field laid but looking around jfc was it a joke
it was really interesting for me to move from DC to SF and date in both cities and see how many more single men in their 20s-30s had their own place - hell, had their own nice/big place! - in SF than in DC. *everyone* had roommates in DC. it was a legitimately rare thing to meet someone under 40 who had their own apartment that wasn't an English basement or a roach-infested studio. housing was less expensive but everyone also made WAY less money. whereas in SF a very modest one bedroom apartment will run you more than $3k/month but people are making six digit salaries at their first jobs out of college! tech jobs, I tell ya
I was just looking up mews houses in London this morning, those would be my dream if I lived there and money was no object.

But alas I will probably never be able to afford to buy a home anywhere. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
i'm renting in san diego but the only reason i'm able to is because i live with my boyfriend. but buying here is virtually impossible. at this point we just rent forever or relocate to some place more affordable, since we both WFH it would be easier to do that now.
The only reason I'm where I am is cause I can afford to live here. Saving up for a downpayment on a condo so hopefully I can move out next year.
how much could a house cost, adele, ten million dollars
She's priveleged as fuck. But she's also not wrong. Buying a Hollywood mansion sized home (square footage and land area) in the UK would be way more expensive
My parents emotionally guilted me into co-signing for a this near half a million dollar home they can't afford. (The bank deemed my mom too old I believe and my dad is broke.) When they are gone I'm fucked and I regret it so much, but brown guilt is a helluva drug. I don't even know how I'll sell it given my parents have broken and ruined so many things inside it that cost thousands to repair.

I don't mind renting, but I wish it was way cheaper. I prefer other people handling my maintenance issues than having to take care of it myself.
my husband and i bought a townhouse earlier this year in north jersey after so many outbid offers, the housing market really is fucking crazy

but we lived in a shitty apartment for years and saved as much as possible (plus we had some money from bonuses and wedding gifts which helped)
I'm never going to buy a house. I wish. I live in south Florida. Where I live the homes(mostly duplex) are slowly being bought up and $750k+ townhouses are being built in there place. I honestly don't get it, So much money to share a wall with someone else. Also I would never want to have the most expensive house in the neighborhood. It's a mix of older to dilapidated homes then these brand-new super modern expensive townhouses.

But I consider myself lucky because my parents bought there duplex here and they let me live here for dirt cheap.
I live in San Francisco so literally everywhere else in the world short of like, Hong Kong or Manhattan seems pretty inexpensive to me! not that I can afford to buy a house anywhere, of course. I'm paying dirt bottom rent for a studio here and I feel like I'm getting such a bargain and then I'm like oh wait I'm paying like $50/night to stay in my own apartment lol
I mean she didn’t say she can’t afford a house in London, she said she can’t afford that kind of a house in London and she’s probably right tbh. Unless I’m missigg part of a quote or something.

I live in London so I mean… lmao.
Couldn't pay me to live in LA.
I don’t think she said anything wrong? That sort of house in London would’ve cost so much more. It’s not like she was moaning.
I’m surprised she would say something like this publicly. Yikes.
I have a mortgage for a flat, but I live in the Baltics and it cost 68k EUR, so lol. I could maybe afford a shitty house here, if I sold it.
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