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Adele Claims She Can't Afford to Live in London

Poor Adele! She recently purchased three houses in Los Angeles for a total of $30 million, but London was simply too expensive for her!

According to her, “The kind of house I have in L.A. I could never afford in London. Ever.”

Her homes in L.A. total 18,000 square feet (5,486 meters) combined. She simply couldn't settle for 17,000 square feet in London!

Can you afford real estate in your city, ONTD?

Yes, I already own property you peasant
Maybe someday!
Nope, nope, nope

Tags: adele, british celebrities, celebrity real estate, eat the rich

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ive lived in LA for awhile, and im getting married next year, and me and my partner have discussed constantly where we would buy.....because it seems downright impossible here. we dont even plan to have kids, but even getting approved for a 2bd seems impossible. rent is already miserable. we just want a fucking backyard gdi.
Have you considered relocating or are yall's hearts in L.A ? Atlanta is a pretty reasonable big city, at least in comparison to most.
three thousand and late answer but yes my partner isn't from california so we do have a fall back plan where her family lives but it still sucks we cant stay here logically :(
No pues, la pobre viejecita.

My heart bleeds for her.
lmao I've been declined from so called "affordable housing" for making too little. Can't relate to Adele's struggle.
Same, I used to be able to qualify for some affordable housing lotteries here (NYC) but the past year or so the minimum incomes on nearly all of them have skyrocketed snd I can’t qualify, like wtf!
are you me? I've been rejected from multiple affordable housing lotteries in nyc because of the ridiculous income brackets they've set. if one person is making that much money then they can afford an apartment in the city without a lottery!


1 week ago

Imagine owning real estate in San Diego. Hilarious
Feel like I'll never get a house unless I grift a house via ring toss ala The Simpsons or my parents die & that house needs work which I can't afford anyway.

I'm tired of renting from a Scumlord who wants more $ in rent every year because "the cost of untilities (or whatever b.s. else) has gone up." Yeah well, minimum wage hasn't gone up to a living wage so fuck you. She pays workers on the cheap to fix things so they half ass it & the ceiling leaks again.
how sad
She doesn't think before she speaks it seems.

I'm not exactly thrilled over how much it cost to buy our new house but hell, at least we can afford it. There's too many damned people who can't own a home and never will so maybe don't complain?
she should stick to expressing herself in songs if this and the unemployed thing are bits she offers up otherwise
I own a house in my city but I have this ~dream of a house in the country, and on a lark, I checked to see what was available and I was so shocked by prices, even in my shitty area. I guess I’m staying where I am for a while lol.
So ontd hates Adele now.
nah we got some time before the album drop. First single comes out friday!
We lucked out and bought our first townhouse when market was down and managed to sell relatively well to get our current place. We were hoping to get a slightly bigger place this year but market has gone absolutely insane. A 1750 sq ft unit in our complex sold few weeks ago for 1M. It faces a fenced in empty lot and garages. We are not going anywhere anytime soon...
I'm making decent money now... But this is after years of financial stagnation. And I'm still only now "saving for retirement" if that will even be a thing for our generation. Buying property seems like such a pipedream and also very much a commitment to planting roots.
I can’t even afford a house in the San Fernando Valley. My best bet is moving to Palmdale and I just can’t do it. Would rather relocate to Sacramento, tbh.

I don’t want a condo or townhouse
tbh i saw a house that wasn't even half-built being sold for $300K California at all is a damn joke.
My friend texted me earlier today that she and her husband are in contract for this cute 2 bd house with a porch and backyard and I’m so happy for her and it gives me hope lol. Ugh I need to get the fuck out of seattle
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