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Adele Claims She Can't Afford to Live in London

Poor Adele! She recently purchased three houses in Los Angeles for a total of $30 million, but London was simply too expensive for her!

According to her, “The kind of house I have in L.A. I could never afford in London. Ever.”

Her homes in L.A. total 18,000 square feet (5,486 meters) combined. She simply couldn't settle for 17,000 square feet in London!

Can you afford real estate in your city, ONTD?

Yes, I already own property you peasant
Maybe someday!
Nope, nope, nope

Tags: adele, british celebrities, celebrity real estate, eat the rich

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Depressing. I just know I won’t be able to afford a real house by myself despite renting a nice studio with a bathtub alone in LA. Like I converted the closet area into a small kitchen with a ~diy island table. Like… yeah
I don't even understand what the draw to a mansion is? What are you gonna do with that many rooms? I'm a creature of habit so I'm sure would spend all my time in one room anyway.
A self-contained environment where you don't have to leave the house at all basically.
Highly secure neighborhoods often with private security and instant police response.
MTE. Not that Adele is cleaning her own house lol but I just think “who wants to clean all that?”
The only luxe thing I would like in my dream home is a pool and a library room.
mte, i'd spend one month probably alternating between 2 rooms and then realize how much time has gone by and feel like i wasted a huge amount of money
I get that celebrities need security and privacy...just seems a bit excessive
if you watch enough HGTV then you know that all homebuyers like to "entertain"
I think she has her security detail staying there as well as family, nanny, secretary....it all adds up.
if i was smart with saving and not being dumb with my credit, i'd probably have a home rn. i'm hoping within 5 years i will <3
So apparently the average London property is about 15,430 Euros per square metre, meaning an 18,000ft property would cost $97.71 million dollars.

She’s rich and doesn’t need that much space but she isn’t wrong.
I guessed at the price in my comment before seeing yours, based on what I've seen. You did the math.


October 13 2021, 01:07:59 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 13 2021, 01:09:20 UTC

Lmao what an idiotic thing to say. Downgrade from a mansion or a penthouse then, bAbeS!!!

Rich people aren’t allowed to complain about “not being able to afford” things ever. Literally ever. Live like the rest of us and you’ll be fine.
This statement annoys me. You can afford it.
tone deaf white queen
i'm currently in underwriting for a condo. literally my only goal in life was to own my own home so i can't believe it's actually happening. only possible cause 1. the sellers accepted my offer of 20k under asking (real estate here is insane rn, but so is rent) and my state has a REALLY good first time homebuyers program - i only need .5% for a downpayment. i really hope it goes through cause i'm getting excited but i'm sick over thinking it could fall apart in the next 3 weeks.
If you’re able, put down 20%. PMI is a pain!
PMI is manageable, honestly. and 20% is quite the jump from .5%


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Fingers crossed for you!
good luck bb!
Hopefully it all goes through for you.
While the rest of us can't even afford an apartment. smh
Toronto and most surrounding suburbs are so expensive. The average price of a house is over 1 million. To answer the question, nope lol.
I just bought a new condo. It is not what I imagined buying when I child but this is all I cam afford where I live. People now buying the same floor plan as I bought are already paying $100k to $150k more than I paid. The market is insane.
She's not wrong though.
It makes her sound very Marie Antoinette but it would cost $100 million for that kind of space in London nowadays.
She's right, it's more affordable to get a huge house in LA than London.

I'm never going to own shit lol. It's only a matter of time before the people who own my building renovict me. A bachelor in my building is now going for $1350 and I'm paying around $900. Can't wait!
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