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This Week's US Soaps Promos (October 11th-15th, 2021)

This week on the US Daytime Soaps...

General Hospital

Kinda zoned out on GH this week. Glad there's finally momentum with the Drew storyline. I sort of tune out most any story that has Peter even peripherally involved.

I saw on Nancy Lee Grahn's Twitter that the GH set is fully vaxxed. Goodness, I can only the imagine the drama and tension on set leading up to that. I imagine it must have been a network mandate?.

GH Spoilers for the Week

Days of Our Lives

I like this Ciara and I like Robert Wilson Scott well enough as an actor but Ben's past as the Necktie Killer will prevent me from ever being 100% in support of Cin. Even though the show has gone into overdrive to "redeem" him over the years.

DOOL Spoilers for the Week

The Young and the Restless

The Bold and the Beautiful

Spoilers for the Week

This Week in Soaps history...

October 14-18, 2013

The Bold and the Beautiful
Maya admitted to Dayzee that Maya still had feelings for Rick. Dayzee suggested that Maya put everything on the table, but Wyatt revealed to Maya that Rick had commissioned a ring. Rick stole away with Caroline during the diamond exhibition at the boutique and proposed to her on the spot where they'd first met. They returned to his house and saw Maya, who was awaiting Rick.
Liam asked Hope to give them another chance, but Hope was losing faith in the relationship. Liam said that all they wanted was before them; they just had to take it.

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Days of Our Lives
Marge aimed a gun at E.J. but shot Chad by mistake. To save Chad's life, E.J. had to tell Cameron the truth about Chad's bogus medical condition. Sami told Stefano that if Chad died, it would be his fault. Daniel saved Chad's life. Stefano was elated that Chad made it through surgery and vowed to God that he would change his evil ways.
Daniel and Eric almost got a look at what was on the flash drive.
Roman warned Sami to think long and hard before she married E.J.
Nicole told Brady that Kristen had cheated on him. Brady and Nicole had a falling-out over Kristen. Eric met with Margaret and asked her about what had happened to him that night at the hotel.
Eric reached the wrong conclusion about who he'd had sex with the night that he had become ill.
Kristen gloated to Marlena that Eric had agreed to marry her and Brady.
J.J. finally realized how much legal trouble he was in during his hearing. The judge released J.J. to Jennifer's custody, but soon after, he was back to his old ways.
Sami and E.J. discussed their future.
Kate looked into Jordan's past.
Jennifer threatened Theresa and warned her to stay away from J.J. or else.

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General Hospital
Faison confirmed to Anna that Robin was alive. Liesl Obrecht helped Faison to escape from Steinmauer Maximum Security Prison. Nikolas recognized the background in Liesl's video message to Britt, so he told Anna that Liesl might be hiding out on Cassadine Island. Robert insisted on accompanying Anna to rescue their daughter.
Tracy turned the tables on Jerry and injected Luke with a full dose of the serum that Robin had developed to cure the polonium poisoning.
Robin used Jerry's cell phone to call Patrick, but the connection was bad. Nikolas encountered Robin in the lab. Patrick decided to honor Robin by moving forward with his life, so he asked Sabrina to marry him.
Morgan discovered that Derek Wells was Ava's silent partner.
Silas revealed to Kiki that Ava had a brother who had financially backed Ava's first art gallery. Sonny's interest was piqued when he overheard Kiki mention to Michael that Ava had lied about being an only child. Sonny suspected that Derek Wells might be Julian Jerome.
Lucas provided a DNA sample to help determine if Sam was Julian Jerome's daughter.

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The Young and the Restless
The paramedics rushed Delia to the hospital, but a doctor informed Billy that Delia hadn't made it. Word of Delia's death devastated the citizens of Genoa City. Alex found skid marks and a piece of plastic at the accident scene, and the police searched for the hit-and-run driver. A witness told Alex that she'd seen a black SUV swerve off the road outside the market. Adam was surprised to discover that his car had a broken exterior light cover, and he was wracked with guilt when he found fabric from Delia's costume caught in the bottom of his vehicle. Adam hid the scrap of cloth and pledged to focus on Connor. Adam paid off a thug to obtain corneas on the black market.
Billy blamed himself for leaving Delia alone in the car, and Chloe refused to forgive Billy for his part in Delia's death. Chloe was furious when the hospital's transplant coordinator wanted to discuss donating Delia's organs, but she later struggled with the decision about whether to do so.
Sharon confessed to Nick that she had gone off her medication and had hoped to reconcile with him. Sharon vowed to resume treatment, but she continued to have visions of Cassie.
Courtney received a mysterious text message from someone named Zach.
Avery returned Nick's engagement ring, and Nick removed Avery's plaque at the Underground.

Full recaps available here!
Source for Weekly Recap Summary

CBS being weird with promos again. This time it's sneak peaks instead of promos. I guess B&B held their promo back last week to keep Deacon's return a surprise.
On mobile again, hopefully no formatting issues arise...

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