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The View: Shark Tank Cast, Broadway Cast "Six", John Lithgow, Amy Klobuchar, Hot Topics

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Hot Topic Thursday Show HHS Scare Ads For Vaccinations

HHS is now airing scare tactic ads from real people who almost died from covid, to promote vaccinations. Mandates work. On a personal note, thank goodness for vaccine because I made it through Delta variant breakthrough with only a few days of mild symptoms. Meanwhile our family knows someone who was blah blah anti vaxx, and as you guessed it, the dad died of covid. He left behind a wife, a college age daughter, a teenage son, and a middle school son. Every single time, the loudest complainers end up losing.

Hot Topic Thursday Show Celebrity Anti Vaxx

Nobody is named and shamed but any celebrity that is putting others at risk by refusing to get vaxx should find another line of work. Actually, make that any profession. They talk about the A lister from the other post (based on The Hollywood Reporter article) where that rumor is [Spoiler (click to open)]Will Smith.

Hot Topic Thursday Show George Clooney Won’t Let Wife Watch Batman & Robin

Holy Rusted Metal, Batman! Clooney’s turn as Batman is banned in his house lol. Panel talks about anything they wouldn’t want their loved ones to know about. Whoopi talks about being a police officer with a dinosaur (?). Joy did a Tums commercial, plays clip.

Hot Topic Thursday Show Shark Tank Lady Makes Fat Joke About Whoopi

Didn’t watch. First clip is Sara and Joy. Second clip they swap with Sunny and Ana.

Second clip halfway through-ish, Barbara Corcoran makes a mean jeans joke about Whoopi being overweight. Then later (after show) she does the awful bad terrible apology where she is “sorry if she offended other people”.

Guest Host Cindy McCain

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Cindy McCain

Cindy McCain talks about being [nominated] as Ambassador to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture and shows a photo of her granddaughter Liberty, who is cute now but has no future with the awful parents raising her.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Biden is Fed Up with Manchin and Sinema Pt 2

These clowns are still at it, Part 2. Manchin and Sinema are both being funded by big money.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Another Trash Tr/mp Alum Trying to Rehab Their Reputation

Nimrata Randhawa claims that Biden and Harris and the Democrats hate America and that America can only progress on the Tr/mp train. You know this inclusive, diversity supporting woman as Nikki Haley, who might try to run in 2024. Nikki can’t make up her mind whether to condemn Tr/mp or praise him, because she wants her inevitable opponent’s attack ads to write themselves.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Acceptable Age Gap

Oh my lord. Let the age gap wank begin lol. Spurred by a reddit question, with a 30 yr old and 19 yr old, tho the gender is not specified. Sara dated someone 18 yrs older than her for a long time, shock! Sunny of course is a helicopter parent. Joy says her husband is 7 years younger, and it’s really paying off. Women should date younger men, because we need them to lift and carry lol. Whoopi says younger or older depends on her mood!

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Do Your Kids Impress You

Cindy tells a story where a young Me-again was being her typical brat self and finally her older brother threw her through a screen door. Cindy didn’t reward him but secretly liked it because it made the brat stop. Panel talks about other kid stories. Sunny’s daughter, Joy likes argumentative child, etc.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Broadway Cast Six

The Broadway cast of Six perform No Way.

Joy is back, Guest Host Tr/mp Trash Alyssa Farah

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Biden is Fed Up with Manchin and Sinema Pt 1

Manchin and Sinema are traitors to their party, funded by big money. Sinema will be primaried, get her out. Trashcan lady is blaming the progressive wing. Another day, another fck her for even being allowed on the show.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Social Media Crash

Zuckerberg threw his toys out of the pram over whistleblower interview and testimony. Fb is trash. Instagram isn’t so bad if you cull your feed properly. Whatsapp is a crucial message app outside of America.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Go Watch Oscar Isaac Penis on HBO

In Scenes From a Marriage, Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain have sex, and he gets naked. The panel talks about breakup sex instead of the man being naked when usually it’s the woman.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Should You Track Your Life

Should you track your whole life, food – steps – sleep? No don’t do it. People are worried about their privacy when tracking all these life activities, but really psychologically it’s more counter productive than to just live your life.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show John Lithgow

John Lithgow is promoting his new book A Confederacy of Dumptys. He talks about his impersonation of Rudy Colludy, returning on Dexter re-boot, reads limericks, I didn’t watch.

Joy is off, Guest Host Tr/mp Trash Alyssa Farah

Hot Topic Monday Show Trash Guest Host

Why the show is giving a guest host slot to any piece of trash who worked in the Tr/mp administration is a fcking choice. This guest host idiot tries to rehab her reputation. Nobody cares. Fck her.

Hot Topic Monday Show Stephanie Grisham Never Held a Press Conference and She’s Also Trash

Yet another piece of trash from the Tr/mp administration is trying to rehab her reputation by writing a tell-all, which you can read all the juicy bits for free on twitter or various news site excerpts. Fck her too and they should all be banished from society with a permanent Scarlet Letter T until they die.

Hot Topic Monday Show Facebook is the Devil

Whistleblower sat down with Scott Pelley on 60 Minutes Sunday night. The next day, Facebook Instagram Whatsapp crashed for hours and millions of white people didn’t know who to hate, be mad about, or learn new conspiracy lies.

Hot Topic Monday Show Stop Teaching Kids Toxic Messages

You aren’t special. Most people are average. Stop telling kids how super extraordinary they are, it sets them up for a lifetime of disappointment. Also if you’re being picked on, they don’t like you, they’re just a bully.

Hot Topic Monday Show Couples Scrap Wedding for Amazing Honeymoon

Average cost of NY wedding is $65K. Yikes. Go to the courthouse, then spend your money on a fabulous honeymoon!

Whoopi is off, Ana joins

Hot Topic Friday Show Congresswomen Reveal Personal Stories

Congresswomen testify about their personal stories regarding their own ab0rtions. Either from r/pe, circumstances, danger to their health. Panel talks about whether they feel their testimonials will make a difference. Most Americans still feel ab0rtion should be legal in most cases. Even for panelists who believe life begins at birth, they support a woman’s right to choose. How they feel personally shouldn’t be imposed upon a nation of women.

Hot Topic Friday Show Airlines Want to Name and Shame Unruly Passengers

Airlines want to share a public list of ding dongs who can’t behave on airplanes and follow policy. Screw their privacy, it’s public transport. Get it together, or start driving.

Hot Topic Friday Show Seinfeld is on Netflix Now

Seinfeld is on Netflix now. The comedian says he may have tweaked a few things here and there, but doesn’t really have regrets. The panel talks about whether they have regrets. Most say they wish that some things had not happened, or maybe they wished they did something, but they don’t dwell on it.

Hot Topic Friday Show Senator Amy Klobuchar

Senator Amy Klobuchar talks about >> being diagnosed with breast cancer, working the entire time through her treatment, putting off her exam during pandemic, diagnosed with stage 1 and had a lumpectomy, her dad dying from Alzheimer’s during her treatment, the infrastructure bills (old new, same news), Haitian immigrants, border policy, Texas ab0rtion bill, filibuster

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