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Run BTS! going on hiatus, last episode to air next Tuesday

ARMYs woke up to sad news as Weverse made a devastating announcement!

Although the show is incredibly popular, BTS's highly loved variety series entitled "Run BTS!" will be officially taking a hiatus, to the sadness of BTS' fanbase, the ARMYs.

Just recently, Weverse has announced that, after six years and having a run of 154 episodes, "Run BTS!" will soon be on a break. As of writing this article on the 4th of October, Weverse has not yet announced when "Run BTS!" will return.

Weverse's announcement is as follows:

"Since the first broadcast in August 2015

after being a source of strength and laugher for over 150 episodes

Run BTS will be taking a break!"

Fortunately, viewers and fans have at least a couple more episodes dropping tomorrow to see the members of BTS, and the episode is part 1. This means that fans can look forward to episodes 154 and 155, before Weverse officially starts the break.

The upcoming episode will be dropped at its usual time which is on Tuesday at 9 p.m. KST.

Regardless, as mentioned above, BTS' ARMYs are all swept with sadness due to the news. The weekly BTS show was well-beloved, after all. But this does not mean ARMYs can not rewatch previous episodes to make time move faster.

Additionally, to the delight of most fans, it is highly likely that "Run BTS!" will be on a break as the reality series "BTS In the SOOP 2" is broadcasting. The 2nd season of "BTS In the SOOP" is going to premiere on the 15th of October, with new episodes dropping every Friday on Weverse at 10 p.m. KST.

For the meantime, ARMYs should enjoy the weekly episode of "BTS In the SOOP 2." Before you know it, "Run BTS!" will once again return.

Stay tuned for more updates and news on your favorite K-pop artists!

Run BTS! Ep 154:

Preview for In The Soop Season 2:

Favorite Run episode/moment, ontd?

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