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Bubba Wallace, the Only Black NASCAR Driver, Takes His First NASCAR Cup Victory 🚗 🏆

Today, after a postponement due to the rain on Sunday, we have a new first time winner for the NASCAR Cup Series. Bubba Wallace, currently NASCAR's only Black driver took home the victory yesterday at the iconic Talledega Superspeedway. He started 19th on the grid out of 40 drivers. Wallace, is only the second Black driver to win a NASCAR Cup race (the sport's most premiere level) since the 1963 victory of Wendell Scott. It's also notable that Wallace's team is one of the smallest (if not the smallest), as he is the only driver of the 23XI Racing Team - most teams tend to have three/four drivers. Here's hoping he has many more drives and many more victories.

A bittersweet, but not surprising anecdote: NASCAR, aware of their demographic in 1963 knowingly, incorrectly declared a white driver the winner publicly. Scott had won that race by a margin and was not given his award earnings until two years later and his family only received his trophy after he passed.

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