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Christy Carlson Romano Shared How Psychics Scammed Her Out Of Nearly $80,000

In the video, the former Disney channel actress made it clear that she wasn't trying to demean or call out witchcraft with her story. "What I'm talking about is people that are trying to exploit people."

Christy Carlson Romano explained that the first psychic she met approached her all the way back in 2004, after one of her performances during her Broadway run as Belle in 'Beauty and the Beast.' She says the psychic handed her their card and told her they knew "exactly" where her life was supposed to go. "I, at the time, was very sad, very lonely. I was a little confused about where my career was heading...and here was a person offering me answers in the form of this card. And it just made me super excited."

Shortly afterwards, she and her psychic began doing private readings for about $100 per session, and Christy began growing more dependent on the psychic. She began purchasing more goods and services from her psychic. One day, she accidentally started a fire in her home from a candle she was advised to keep lit at all times.

Things truly took a turn for the scamming worst when her psychic told Christy that she needed to buy a big "blessed" crystal for $30,000 that would "suck up" all the darkness from her life. She ponied up the cash, but never received the "blessed" crystal.

After that, Christy explains she had immediate "buyers remorse" and felt like she had done something wrong. She says it was like a "moment of clarity" and realized everything the psychic had told her was too good to be true. She got her dad and police involved, and eventually she never heard from her physic ever again.

Britney Spears says "No thanks, I choose my own destiny" to a potential scammer in the ad for her fragrance, Radiance. Available in stores and online.

However, a few months later when she moved from New York City to California, she was dumped, wasn't talking to her family and somehow convinced herself that she needed that "blessed" crystal in her life in order to make things right. She spoke to another psychic who charged her another $30,000 for the crystal.

Romano concludes the video by saying that although the total cost of the crystal was $60k, she probably spent closer to $80k, when you include all the private readings and other miscellaneous products she bought from her physics.

ONTD, have you ever been scammed by a physic?

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