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Stephen Amell Responds to Body Shamers, Thinks He's Mr. Steal Yo Girl / Boy


Inferior Amell shared a photo on Instagram over the weekend wearing pink shorts. Some people in the comments criticized his body and suggested that he was out of shape. “What happened to the Arrow body?” asked one, and “Where is Oliver Queen's physique?” questioned another.

Amell took to Facebook to respond.

“Public service announcement: I’m 6’1 inches tall and 208 lbs. I’m in tremendous shape and I’m strong as shit. I’m a 24 hour juice cleanse away from blowing the season 1 poster for Arrow out of the water. We did the photography for that poster a little over 9 years ago. Next time I post a photo in my hot pink skivvies, I’ll try and remember to flex!” Stephen said in the Facebook post.

He concluded, “And if that isn’t good enough, send me your address. I will show up to steal your boyfriend or your girlfriend.”

Earlier this Summer, Amell was removed from a Delta flight after he “had too many drinks” and berated his wife.

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