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How Netflix's Squid Game is wreaking havoc around the world + What about a season 2??

-The hashtag #SquidGame has amassed over 14 billion videos on TikTok already

-The phone number one calls in the show is actually a real number; a South Korean woman has received thousands of calls and texts and wants the show's director to reach out to her because of how upsetting it's been. Producers told her to change her number. Netflix and the production studio are trying to solve the problem (maybe they will change the number in the show?)

-Squid Game is predicted to be Netflix's biggest non-English series, ever, by Netflix’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos... and might be their "biggest show ever" too

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk says "if" there is a season 2, he'd need some help and would have to hire a writer's room. He doesn't have well-developed plans for the plot. Plus, he wrote AND directed every episode in season 1. Thi$ OP thinks Netflix will do $omething to a$$i$t hi$ endeavour$.

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Tags: asian celebrities, netflix, viral

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