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Concept/summer kings ONF cover BTS's 2020 ballet-inspired track Black Swan

All-rounder Kpop boy group ONF, who debuted in 2017, went where no group have gone before and covered Black Swan for KCON:TACT HI 5's special "REBORN" Kpop stage. The performance was warmly received by BTS fans (Army), earning ONF the nickname 킹앤오프 (King and Off) among K-Army. [Note: "ONF" is pronounced "on and off" and spelt 온앤오프 in Korean.]

"So I have something like a blinding love for Black Swan. Out of all BTS covers in history, ONF's is the most delicious. That they gave such a high quality performance of that difficult song, I'm extremely impressed. I support them."

"Look at King and Off's Black Swan cover. I think I'm gonna die. Minkyun [ONF member MK] is nuts starting from the intro."

"A Black Swan cover, aren't King and Off the first [to do it]? Real recognizes real lol."

"They did such a great job covering Black Swan... Rather than just watching the kids [BTS] and doing it the same way as them, they did it in their own style, so it was better. King and Off.."

Furthermore, "Black Swan" started trended on Twitter in Korea following the performance.

The next day, ONF released a dance practice video for the cover.

OP is particularly elated by her faves covering Black Swan as it is her favorite BTS song from the past four years and she has been desperate for ONF to perform contemporary dance of this style. Watch the original here.

Meanwhile, ONF's latest single, 여름 쏙 (Popping), and its accompanying summer themed album were released in August. Check out the MV and album! 🥰

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Tweet translations by me.

Someone once told me I should start posting about ONF to get them new fans, and this seemed like a good opportunity lmao.
Tags: asian celebrities, cpop / jpop / kpop, live performance

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