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(4) 12 Revelations From ‘Britney vs Spears’; Britney Goes Live with Sam

Netflix's 'Britney Vs. Spears' has premiered. Here's four revelations, the rest are at the source.

  • 1. Sam Lutfi Denies Drugging Britney Spears - the very pro-Lutfi doc claims SL was the fall guy to get Britney into a conservatorship.

  • 2. Felicia Culotta Speaks But Abruptly Declines Comment on Three Subjects- Fe declines comment on Jamie Spears, Lou Taylor and Britney’s love of performing.

  • 3. Dr. James Edward Spar is identified as the doctor who declared that Brit "lacks the capacity to understand or manage her financial affairs"- he refused to comment on ever meeting or evaluating Britney Spears.

  • 4. Father-Daughter Tensions Began to Boil on 2010 Femme Fatale Tour- around this time is when Britney began to voice wanting to end the conservatorship and questioned her father's sobriety.

And in other news, Britney went live on Instagram last night with her boyfriend Sam.

Source, two, three
Tags: #freebritney, britney spears, celebrity social media, film - documentary, netflix

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