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Who went home on the 2 hour premier of #SURVIVOR41?

Who went home on the premier of Survivor?

If you were feeling lost about some of the weird puzzle shots, here is Jeff Probst reminding you about the changes made to this season:

-Shorter season
-Clues on screen for younger players who don't qualify to try out to the game to solve at home

Please note, I did miss the first 20 minutes, so he may have explained these things to people!
[Who went home?]There were two eliminations.

First, Abraham failed to send home Tiffany, and was sent packing!

Then, Sara went home instead of JD. Will her supposed ally Richard last??

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I love a three tribe season! What did you think of the premier, ONTD? How badly did you miscount those triangles?

Fixed I hope, mods!
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